Thursday, December 31, 2009

iPhone life

Having a iPhone its have a phone combined with a iPod Touch! I just changed the SIM card to mine for a day because my phone battery has died yesterday (means now its charging) and guess what...although I'm a temporary user..somehow I felt like it's all about THIS:

Yeah its all about Applications and Games...
Endlessly playing games and listening to musics...facebook..messenger, ebuddy..e-mail...also addictive applications and softwares!

BUT! Remember my previous post about iPhone's disadvantages? Yeah it really exists! Short battery life...uncustomizable, non open-sourced really made me down on this phone...Except if you Jailbreak it...I Jailbroken the iPhone already....but it's just frustrating that you have to download almost everything on Cydia...

BTW Brian's mom just bought a N97 mini =O, oh man that thing is sexy...I wonder is it the Raoul's Edition? OMG =O

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another touching post by a girl, my tears are just gonna drip down...

POST Copied from:

Stacy German

I was in journalism class when this happened. I was just 17 years old, about to be 18, when a girl from our class rushed in crying saying the pentagon had been bombed. Our teacher (who at the time I had a crush on, I can remember that, it's funny how these things stick in your mind) rushed out and we followed him. There was a large TV in the library, and I got there in time to see the second plane hit. Over and over they played it. And I sat there and watched.

I couldn't cry. I couldn't even talk. I stood there dumbly as someone screamed and a tower fell. And then the second tower. And for a few minutes the world was black. There was a girl screaming in the hallway, because her dad was in the tower working there. He lived in NY, we lived in Indiana. She was lucky, he didn't go into work that day because he was sick. But I can still hear her screaming in the back of my mind. My teacher came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder, and my best friend was squeezing my hand. ANd in the days that follwed I told everyone I ever knew how much I loved them. I hugged the muslim kids we had, because they were just as horrified as I was that someone using their faith as an excuse could kill so many innocent people. I even got my ass kicked for protecting one of them from a bunch of stupid drunk college kids going on a rampage.

Over the years we've forgotten that togetherness. That moment were we weren't a nation of who likes Bush/Obama/Cheney/Palin...we weren't a nation of blacks/whites/chinese/germans... We were just Americans rushing out to give blood, or money, or time to help each other. I wish, I wish with all of my heart, we hadn't lost that feeling. Because right now we'd be on a much better path if we hadn't immediately started hating each other again.

Dramatic post =)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A very nice and intuitive post from my friend...

Ah well I just copied the whole post here =)

How would YOU decide?

While enjoying your weekend with your loved ones, please enjoy the following too:
I think u might have read this earlier or rather something similar .....still worth reading
Insight into Decision Making - Good One:
A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other disused.
Only one child played on the disused track, the rest on the operational track.
The train is coming, and you are just beside the track interchange.
You can make the train change its course to the disused track and save most of the kids.
However, that would also mean the lone child playing by the disused track would be sacrificed.
Or would you rather let the train go its way?
Let's take a pause to think what kind of decision we could make........ ........
Scroll down

Most people might choose to divert the course of the train, and sacrifice only one child.
You might think the same way, I guess.
Exactly, to save most of the children at the expense of only one child was rational decision
most people would make, morally and emotionally.
But, have you ever thought that the child choosing to play on the disused track had in fact
made the right decision to play at a safe place?
Nevertheless, he had to be sacrificed because of his ignorant friends who chose to play where the danger was.
This kind of dilemma happens around us everyday.
In the office, community, in politics and especially in a democratic society, the minority is often sacrificed for the interest of the majority, no matter how foolish or ignorant the majority are, and how farsighted and knowledgeable the minority are.
The child who chose not to play with the rest on the operational track was sidelined.
And in the case he was sacrificed, no one would shed a tear for him.
The great critic Leo Velski Julian who told the story said he would not try to change the course of the train because he believed that the kids playing on the operational track should have known very well that track was still in use, and that they should have run away if they heard the train's sirens..
If the train was diverted, that lone child would definitely die because he never thought the train could come over to that track!
Moreover, that track was not in use probably because it was not safe.
If the train was diverted to the track, we could put the lives of all passengers on board at stake!
And in your attempt to save a few kids by sacrificing one child, you might end up sacrificing hundreds of people to save these few kids.
While we are all aware that life is full of tough decisions that need to be made, we may not realize that hasty decisions may not always be the right one.
'Remember that what's right isn't always popular... and what's popular isn't always right.'
Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on pencils.


It's been quite a mind-blowing year, two-thousand-nineee, which is the first year of my Senior school life.

The beginning of the year it's like a complete STRAIGHT nightmare for me, everything changed...only like 5% similarity as last year. But luckily I got used to it very fast and I learned something: "Live your life, Don't let Life rule You!", everything seems to be veteran, even communicating with teachers, subjects, projects...exams..It's like a complete different world to me. But I walked out without any pain. Friends were helping me out when I faced difficulties, they helped me when I need them most, they chat with me, they played with me, of course not to forget..they skipped class with me (1 time only xD)...Sometimes when they sleep I always shake them up so they can accompany If I were them I'll give the guy a punch or something...It just felt that I liked to annoy peoples in class, now I dont wanna do that again..EVER (Let's see whether how long will it LAST =P) It's not like 2008, which I always hang out with friends almost every week, now I dont have time anymore, weekends I spend time with BOOKS and well...just message with peoples all the time. Even I think that they dont have time, they seemed full with tuitions.

Now talking about what happened this year, the most remarkable one is...Concert! Well because I got involved in a drama which is just..well not in my mind at all....but from a totally useless guy when it comes to performing turns into a guy that can actually PERFORM on stage is a big change..Seeing peoples improve day by day, seconds by seconds is just...fascinating! Thanks to Ms. Jill, and the ones which got involved (Becca, Hsien's sis(s), Kah Hui's sis(s), James and John and Ms. Jill), walking here and there...try to find excuses not to go back to class, stay in choir room, library..messing in I miss those times..

Before I end this post, I'm gonna say...This year, I helped a girl to walk out from her nightmares after breaking up with her ex, cheering her up...accompany her whenever possible..It's been a good experience for me...but sometimes I actually received 10+ messages filled with "oi" because I fall asleep suddenly but I find it a unforgettable experience =O. Bad things does happen, but I just need to live with it.

It's been a good year, yeah it is! I heart 2009!

Friday, December 18, 2009

New PC...

Just got back my dad's PC from his and my bro were cleaning this "mess" up, backup...format....install Windows 7! Drivers..drivers....this PC doesnt even have Messenger installed haha....I havent downloaded it YET.
Here's the full spec list:

Intel Core i5 750
6GB DDR3 1066 (ValueRams...LOL)
Asus P7P55D Deluxe LGA1156 Motherboard
Asus HD4850 512MB DDR3 (Overclocked)
Galaxy 9800GT 1GB Lo-power Edition (as PhysX processor)
1x 1.0TB (1000GB) WD Caviar Black HDD
1x 1.0TB - WD Caviar Green HDD
Cooler Master CM690
Cooler Master Silent Pro M Series 850W Modular PSU
LG DVD+/-RW Lightscribe Drive
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Result: Blazingly Impressive =D, except for the 512MB 4850 though...because I'm now running a 1080p compatible monitor, so the texture quality cannot go further than medium...going to try using 9800GT as primary sometime =) I just bought 3 games...Ninja Blade, Colin Mcrae Dirt 2, Left 4 Dead probs running at ALL! the graphics settings are already all highest/max =D. But definitely a 1Gb card for next GPU for sure...because 1080 eats lots of vid. memory...

As back to my life, my cousin came to my house until 27 basically they are just entertaining me when I'm bored haha, BUT...they tend to play games more haha =D. My phone's battery is abnormal...(its bigger than usual size), so I decided not to use that phone temporarily and switch to iPhone 3G....I need someone to chat with me!! but my phone's credit are all out =(

That's all peoples =) peace out!


Saturday, December 12, 2009


I just swapped my E2160 to a E8400...I gotta say man...It's FAAAAAAAST....most of the games were running smooth now! Some PhysX benchmarks got better results...PCSX2 playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix with a SOLID 60FPS (It wants to go more but I limited to 60), NFS Shift are not playable in High Settings, Mirror's Edge can be played in Highest, Crysis can be played in High (Very High drops the FPS around 20-30), Race Driver GRID in Ultra..

GTAIV Settings: (My satisfied settings)
Resolution: 1440x900
Texture Quality: High
Reflection Resolution: Medium (I notice that because the game is basically dark it doesnt need very good ref.s)
Water Quality: Very High
Shadow Quality: Very High
Texture Filter: Highest
Draw Distance: 25
Detail Distance: 20
Vehicle Density: 50
Shadow Density: 4
Definition: Off
Vsync: On

NFS Carbon also runs in 55-60FPS Solid, Saints Row 2...25-40 (It's a badly optimized play it, you vomit haha)

*POST UPDATE: This post is posted as draft, now the PC is fully reformatted and become Camera Survilleance PC (House Camera)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dad passed away...Recovering

It's been the third day...I kinda recovered from it so i'm here to update my blog so it wont get rusty...

Thanks to my friends and cousins that have supported me and my family to go through all this. It's fate, and I just have to live with it. Thanks to you guys again =)

Special thanks to: Julia, Theresa, Keddy, Patrick, Samuel, my dad's bro and all my close cousin's and my friends, I really appreciate it, Thanks!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Theresa! Wish you have a nice day =) smile always. Birthday only happens once in a year so dont matter it's sad, happy, extraordinary, crazy etc etc...just make sure you have a nice day =D.

Birhdays...Alright let me think....basically...2 people's birthday but I forgot the other one, tomorrow it's MINE, YEAH MINE (So what? lol), and my bro (lol) and Hui Sie's birthday! The day after tomorrow it's Elaine's birthday! (yeah that lost girl which is not in Miri I GUESS) and December 7 is Kok Kwong's birthday! and then after that it's Brian's....then I think it will be...Samuel Tang's birthday! other than that I can't remember lol. (Tell me if I forgot yours :X)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OH well...

Urghh....This sucks, well my fever gone worse, body temp. rise...last night had a couple of medicines but didn't seem to work out..I AM SICK T.T

Well I'm still here typing for my daily entry HAHA :D. Now I've or INFECTED by Photoshop. Editing pictures is boring and tiring BUT when it produces the image that you desire or you've achieved what you wanted, the feeling of satisfaction is UNBEATABLE. I gotta love Saturation and Photo Filter =D

Birthday is coming, oh well it's going to be a lonely birthday, sure no ppl will pei me de...almost everytime is I pei ppl...not ppl pei me haha, maybe I'm just being too nice to peoples HAHA =) and I like it, seeing friends resurrect from a black mood until charming green mood, as a friend of theirs I felt good. So perhaps...Cinema like last time my friend said?(I dont think it will happen anymore tho)Fartini Restaurant? or...just Home Alone? Or another surprise like a Computer?(which is not gonna happen this time I think)

PS: My sister is now watching L4D2 videos, I asked her why dont you go play L4D? This PC has it then she said its not L4D2. Then I told her "You dont even wanna play L4D and you wanna play L4D2? are you crazy?" "*silence*"

If our brain can be reformatted like what HDD does and theres softwares like dictionary for our brain, isn't that perfect? I can't forget what you said, what you wrote, what you've done...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I lost my touch..

I lost my touch, it feels like..I lost everything...I dont know why I feel in that way...

Evening I suddenly started LFS and tried to drift in Fern Bay..back then I can drift in Fern Bay easily with minimal problems but today I cant even go through the first corner the way I used to be..the car's settings are not wrong...tyre pressure are alright..theres nothing wrong..theres SOMETHING wrong with MYSELF.

Well that in-fact isn't the biggest problem...I tried drifting on GT5P too..2 months ago when I'm drifting online im like Top 50 Drifters in GT5P but now its not..It's like turning from a silky smooth job to a total beginner (or noob that is). I can't even drift the IS-F right....goddamn it!

The way I talk to peoples in my opinion got weird these few days, perhaps my past is haunting me right now..But I dont think thats the main cause. Whenever people reply short messages, my mood turns down..When the word O comes in...My mood will be like from green to red....But somehow I think that I also reply short messages...and thats BAD...I dont like that..I'm not used to be like this...


Sunday, November 22, 2009 goes on

I'm typing this post in the midnight, I can't sleep, there are something bugging me the whole night! I can't even run right now, I'm now weak and tired, but I can't sleep.

Just back to Kuching, well as usual, home is the best for me (atleast for now) and let's summarize what I've bought in Kuching.1st day: DiGi reload card, 2nd day: Ferrero Rochers, Kinder and Denmark imported Coca-Cola. 3rd day: Ferrero Rochers, Ferrero Bxxx (same as Rochers but with dark chocolate and a higher price tag), Kinder. So basically what I've bought is just....chocolates to Miri. Well in-fact F.R. hasn't opened yet but the other one is finished thanks to mom and sister xD. Right after came back to home I started editing pics and found out that my gaming computer is having serious issues, a reformat is needed somehow =/. Nevermind though =). And basically, just photoshop..photoshop the whole way, just edited some pics only though and after that I lied down on a sofa and rest myself, at that time my mood ain't good, I dont know why but I just dont wanna talk to anyone, not even getting near at my PC at all, atleast I just reply messages and thats it...and time goes on until night, just watched My Sassy Girl (the American version) and it's a very nice movie, very touching...

My Flickr Photostream:

Now it's 11:26 and I can't sleep, my brother is already asleep but I can' I'm going to leave this laptop and go on bed and try to sleep...I dont know why, theres something bugging me...and I can't forget it.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Today is my 2nd day in Kuching, nevertheless this town is....somehow...same as Miri. some landmarks indeed makes me thought I'm in Miri. LOL. Theres something I wanna comment about Kuching in traffic, that is:

1. There are lots of Toyota Camry.
2. There are lots of BMW 3-Series.
3. Peoples in here loves BMW.

Well assume that the hotel has weak wi-fi signal my brother hooked up his phone to this laptop and used it as a 3G modem. It worked very well, but I used the whole night and I only used....30MB out of 500MB limit! LOL. I'm planning on hacking my sis's phone in here but I cant since I'm having issues with 64bit. Day after day it's all....messaging..haha. Going to Spring Valley later, I heard that it has lots of awesome PC Stuffs =). Talking about PC Stuffs, in-fact I finally saw Sapphire 5870, and hot damn its a loong card haha :D, saw 5770 also. Also saw a Q9550 (IT COST RM 1050 !%*&^*&^@), and finally, in my eyes, saw the Intel board that needs 2 QX9775 processors :D. Spotted Kingston HyperXs too. Didn't see ANY Alienware atm :/ LOL. LG Crystal, It's niiiceee but my grandpa dont like it, he said transparent keypad seems a lil bit weird, true~ haha. N97 Mini Raoul Edition, X6...

It's boring staying in Hotel, REALLY. Your dun have credit lagi...haha...(You know who you are)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I watched that movie yesterday night, one word describes it all: EPIC. haha =). You will not feel that you wasted RM 10 for this movie, its all bows and wows when the movie is going on, people cheering, woo-ing in cinema, its just...epic. Probably the best movie of the year =). Gotta love the Bentley part haha:
Jackson: "IT WONT START!!"
Yuri: "Engine....Start"
*LCD shows the Bentley logo, engine started*
Cinema: "hahahahhahaha, *claps*

I nearly cried 2 times when watching the movie...SHHHH...Its just fantastic...and sad too =( but it has a happy ending so dont worry =D.

2012 apocalypse? Dont believe? Believe? Your choice =)

I will hate apocalypse in 2012 if it really happens...this is why:

1. I havent finish my studies
2. Cannot spend more time with family and girlfriend (LOL)
3. I havent driven an Evo YET!

Other ideas are in my mind, not going to write it haha =P

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's time for the week again...

Exams are OVER! yep finally I can just walk in my house and open games (its been months since I played a game except helping peoples to hack) and guess what...I'm lost...skills are lost, forgot controls....everything seems new to me now lol D: Modern Warfare 2 is out, I'm thinking of not downloading it anymore because it's...11GB. Well est. a 512KBps connection max sped is 65-70kbps. 100Mb needs half an when you sum up all...It atleast needs 4 days or something to complele. Going to buy this time...Operation Flashpoint 2 in another hand, is much better than ARMA II. Arma 2 runs laggy on my PC, and it doesnt look very good either, audio are crapped too. OFP2 done the audio correctly, default graphic settings runs fine for me without a single lag. BTW Thanks to Dom for lending me those games atm, I relaly need them, thanks =)

Now.....theres only SPM left, just gotta give them the best emotional support =). yesterday midnight just termenung xia already got ppl sien me edi. NEVER TERMENUNG AGAIN haha. Good luck studying peoples =).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

DiGi number arrived+random stuffs

My Digi number arrived! the number is 0109772291..hey I can remember it already! TBH I'm kinda....fear tomorrow's test...I dont know why...just dont feel...that good...I'll try my best though =D.

Now here's some...random stuffs again

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Normal Diary

Today was a fine day....well its fine until the 3rd BM exam came...which is the SPM BM....its a nightmare for me...Gosh gotta improve BM alot soon. My classmates aroudn are also having alot of problems with the SPM BM....all of them seems like "???" xD. Alright back to diary...still I'm waiting for my DiGi number to come....its going to be fast...but not THAT FAST. I know...I'm sick of RM 0.25 per SMS already...I made 2 numbers credit empty..LOL! I'm not CHANGING, its actually....ADDING...:D time nid bring 3 phones out? walau...

Recently I'm just downloading just downloaded Video Option 163 (D1GP 2007 Rd.5 Ebisu) and Drift Like Nomuken! lol. Now I'm downloading UP...yep the movie that came out this year by Disney Pixar...didnt get the chance to watch it in cinemas because i'm busy in that time so I'm not going to miss this one! next will be...The Day After Tomorrow and I'm definitely going to watch 2012 Apocalypse when it hits cinema BUT..the ticket cost RM 30 now...It's okay if I watch alone but....when I'm going to watch with other peoples it will cost...alright 2 peoples 60...3 peoples 90....4 peoples 120! WEWOWO :O

Dinner time so cya =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Issues with chocolates...'s another kinda random post that came to my mind after I bath =D. Last week I had sore throat, im lucky that my voice is still there because matters doesnt go as worse as I expected to be :D. So what makes me have sore throat? CHOCOLATES...Alright basically what I had is half bar of chocolate and THATS IT! and after few minutes my throat is starting to feel funny....and I drank alot of water because it feels...dry...yeah dry. And the next day...poom...sore throat. and what makes me felt funny is the problem is not chocolate...its the brand and make of the chocolate! I dont exactly remember what brand it is but after my sore throat is gone I bought 3...wait....4....4 Caltony Dairy Milk Chocolate (tube shaped). I ate ALL THOSE....and nothing happened to my throat...strange eh? Or it's that my throat is acting funny because its too happy to eat chocolate and loses control of itself? I DONT KNOW..

Alright back life that is...Today I had 3 tests...the number is nothing but the main point is what subjects am I having today? Sejarah.....English Composition....Moral. Woo..Sejarah (History)? GG...English Composition? EASY....Moral? GG...

I spent nearly 3 full day to memmorise the moral values but my mind just can't recall what I've read for the past 3 days...DAMN....The Sejarah in my case own problem of not doing enough revisions....because I'm sure that I saw the topics that it asks...and thats the part that I ignored...DAMN...

Despite on how I memorise the moral values yesterday night was kinda relaxing but still can feel the stress going on my mind though. Yesterday afternoon as soon as I got my CD-R I burned my downloaded Michael Jackson's This Is It Original Soundtrack to it..I even printed the original cover for collection. And I put it inside my PS3 and started to listen to the musics. I don't know why but the Orchestral Version of the song "This Is It" which is a very...relaxing music...feels better than any other songs inside =) The Legend Lives =D


Front Cover

Back Cover

It's just soo random :D

Friday, October 30, 2009

This is where peoples confuse =D

Same frame, same brand, same shape, onli colour different!

BING YUAN- Black + Red
BING LEEK- Dark Chocolate + Copper


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Timbaland feat. OneRepublic Apologize

Well this song is....kinda old, its a 2007 song. Anyways FYI its a remix, not an original song =). The original song is sang by OneRepublic themselves in 2006 in their band debut album Dreaming Out Loud. <- that music is the original one. It charted as top 100 all-time songs. But at that time it wasnt that popular at all until Timbaland offers a remix for this song and released in Timbaland's Album Shock Value. The remix of Apologize was highly successful, becoming Shock Value's third unofficial single. It gained significant airplay, contributing to the success of Apologize in the US and on the US airplay charts. The remix version also caused Apologize to enter the US R&B charts, debuting and #87 and rising to #60. It is included on bonus tracks of OneRepublic's studio debut album as well as a double-sided AB CD single and Timbaland's album. On iTunes, it is Timbaland's most popular track (currently), and has reached the top 30 most-downloaded. It is currently the best selling single of this decade just in front of Bleeding Love. The ballad remix of "Apologize"... "incorporates an unobtrusive Timbaland beat and some distant vocal accents.

In my opinion the beats of the original song and the remix version are all great, it fits the lyrics perfectly. I actually listens to this song atleast 5 times a week. The beats and drums, Ryan Tedder's vocal are just perfect. Well judging it's ranking its obvious :D. rumoured its album version? Its excellent! or maybe its the real original one? =O

Alright back to business, recently Im just having some exercises on Maths and Biology and today...Moral...since I can't really memmorise all 36 moral values i'll just try to memmorise what I can..Just trying my best on it :). And today I got hooked by new themes by Flahorn aka Mr S60, I installed his newest theme and 2 other themes that are rated as best on websites =). My N73 looks good with these themes. Gonna use theme schedule for different theme daily =D. Best of luck out there on exam =) SPM candidates JYJY =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Why life must be like this? can't life just be easier for us to handle?

Alright I was reading my friend's blog post just now and what she wrote about is how she felt few months after breaking up with her ex and etc. Alright PEOPLES, DONT ASK ME WHO SHE IS! alright so basically its all...sad, theres only 1 sentence that looks happy but I'm sure its sad. When I'm reading, I clearly know how she feels and I'm gonna tell you peoples, its horrible to have that kind of feeling. Sealed feeling, cannot say out, can only use words to "shout" out how she feels....Heartbroken? I dont think so, It feels worse, much worse than just a word "heartbroken". Why life is so hard? There's definitely some reason why a break-up happens, if it's something that he/she can't accept. There's always a way to solve this better than become enemies after breaking-up...Understand how each other feels, solve the problems in a better way and treat others as friends after breaking up...It's much..much better than become enemies isn't it?

Imagine this, when you saw your ex infront of you and you wanna try to say "Hi" to him/her but he/she dont even want to take a look on you, or try pretend to talk with friends or do something that is useless just to avoid you at all. You tried to be friendly to your ex, but his/her reply was negative...So you'll probably end up being sad...and can't study or smile at all (the period of this mood can last atleast a month!) Life aint easy, thats a fact but theres always ways to solve problems....I can tell that she tried to be friendly to him once but failed. And it's sad to see this kind of reply. Past is just past, let them go, It's hard to forget them but let them go, Past is just a life's experience =)

After reading your post, not while I'm reading your post half-way my tears is just going to come out soon but I controlled myself....It's really sad to see what happened to you, As a friend of yours, if now I can drive, I wish I can just pick you up and go to a park and let you tell me your feelings and let you cry out loud and let you smile once again.

ADD: When you're young everything feels like the end of the world. But its not, its just the beginning. You might have to meet a few more jerks, but one day youre gonna meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Like the sun rises and sets with you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random stuffs

Digged out some phones just for testing camera's settings

Group shot

Stacked up!

Aperture not right...didnt blur much, manual focus set on other 3 phones

Finally got it right =D manual focus on N73, low aperture =D

This pic shows the aperture directly :D

All pics taken with Nikon Coolpix P4 with no flash and Aperture primary mode

Friday, October 23, 2009

When a guy gone N-U-T-S!

That guy is my...BRO!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just another day in the school

Today I felt a lil bit different, because surprisingly I'm not tired the whole day. In the morning, turn on my phone and received a message, 5.50 in the morning! he/she must be crazy but thanks for sms-ing me at the morning and apuu-lak...suddenly found out that phone credit nearly finish! LOL! *need a DiGi no. soon*. In the school I felt a little bit unusual though, I kept doing Biology for almost the whole day! and ended up doing Maths at the afternoon and finally...some chit-chat with friends and the bell rang, then I'm gone! back to home, on my PC and started looking at notifications in facebook =) and here I am now =D, Calvin's PSP is in my hands at the moment, needs a Joystick mdule replacement and casing replacement, going to look for Piano Black ones, they looked very nice. Anyway I've been thinking about the past, things that I've missed, things that I've messed up before, Its kinda funny when the image of those messed up moments reappear on my mind, can't actually believed that I done those LOL! Drawing stuffs on friend's book, poke friends, etc etc. heh still can't get over it. I've been wondering about English oral...theres no...yes no oral tests going on in my class in this year! perhaps Mr.Johnne records them by daily class performance? that's gonna be better though =D missed those Oral assessment tests back then which I got As :O. I remember last year this happened:

Mdm. Bessie: Bing Yuan, Chu Kok Kwong and Lee Seng, its you people's turn now.
Lee Seng:******
Bing Yuan: Man this Alienware rocks, look at the specs man! *talks to friend*
CKK: Bing Yuan ah! our turn liao! What to do?
Lee Seng: Oh! how about those alienware computers?
Bing Yuan: that works, but we need a plan now...
CKK: aww..
Bing Yuan: how about...just say what we do everytime, just that we are promoters that is..
Lee Seng: walau......hard woh..
CKK: aiyah, just go up lah, no nid care de!
*walked to infront of the class*
Bing Yuan: here we go...alright..teacher can we start now?
Mdm. Bessie: Yep.
CKK: !@#$%^&*&^%$#!@#$%^
Lee Seng: !@#$%^&*&^%$#$%^&
Bing Yuan: *^$$%^&*($
*the oral goes on smoothly somehow*
Mdm. Bessie: Oh I see, so these are the computers that you peoples are talking about, how much is it?
Bing Yuan: cheapest from RM 7000-8000
Mdm. Bessie: woah, why it's so expensive?
CKK: Because its targeted for hardcore gamers and consumers, not for casual computers users, plus these computers are not available in Malaysia.
Mdm. Bessie: Impressive, so when I want one of those I need to import it?
3 of Us: Definitely.
Mdm. Bessie: Alright thats the end of your oral test, you can back to your seat now, thank you.
*walking back to our seat*
*took a sneak peek on results*
Bing Yuan: *makes a sign of showing "A"
Lee Seng and CKK: YES!

ahaha, that moment is one of the best moments in my life......can't actually believe that we can get an A for that without any preparation :D

here's another solo oral test moment last year, it happened when I walked back from KH lab after I made the project (the electric board)

Bessie: Bing Yuan, there you are ! its your turn now...
Bing Yuan: AH! can you give me a minute ot two, I need some preparations.
Bessie: Okay, XXXX your turn
Bing Yuan: What am I gonna write? I have no ideas at all!!
CKK: LFS drifting....sideways...woo *talking to me about LFS*
Bing Yuan: AH! Alright I'll write about drifting then.
CKK: What? Are you serious??
Bing Yuan: I'll see how it goes....Just wish me luck then *writes a short essay about "my first drifting experience" *
Bing Yuan: alright teacher, can I present now?
Bessie: suit yourself, but are you prepared? you looked rushed
Bing Yuan: Nevermind, I'll just present it

* presentation goes on* *bessie asks questions* *she writes the results on my folder*
Bessie: there you go, I liked your presentation, you spoke it in your way, not following the words in this esay that you wrote in here..
Bing Yuan: well memorising those words in 3 minutes is just impossible for me, so that's the only way. Thank you teacher.
*go back to seat, looked at results, said "wooh!"
CKK: what result you got? *looked* what the hell! You got an A for a presentation that is not even prepared correctly!
Bing Yuan: Oh well....xD

Those are good times!

Gotta run now, peace =D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Tips for you guys :)

Here's some tips for you peoples when using Windows, it doesnt matter whether you use XP or Vista or 7.

Basic Tips:

Turn off User Account Control (UAC) (Vista and 7 users.). There are alot, ALOT of complains out there about Vista's Allow/Cancel thingy, which is very annoying sometimes and because it identifies your apps that requires admin's permission, sometimes it tend to scan the whole executable! which means if you downloaded a 1GB file, it takes a long time to scan through it, and by the time it's scanning the PC seems "freeze" and sometimes users will be annoyed because most of them dont know it's all about UAC and thought Vista is a crap OS, lags and doesnt launch most of the apps! UAC sometimes annoys peoples, but it does enhance the whole OS (Operating System)'s security. IMO most of you peoples should turn this off, it makes your life easier (LOL). To turn UAC off, just go to Control Panel, User Accounts & Family Safety (something like that because 7 has a different control panel than vista) and User Accounts, then click:
Vista: click Turn on/off User Account Control and untick the Box and restart your PC.
7: click Change User Account Control settings and drag the slider all the way down and press OK and restart your PC.

Disabling Aero:
Aero is introduced when Vista (in codename "Longhorn") is announced, it adds a transparency effect to your taskbar and windows, it does make the whole OS looked alot better but many PC's out there that didn't came with a graphics card or a low spec PC will suffer lags and stutters when Aero is enabled due to it's 3D transparency effect. Turning it off will get quite a big performance boost on your PC, especially those PCs that uses integrated Graphics Chipset. Many people out there experienced a big performance boost when comparing Windows Vista's Aero and Windows 7's Aero, this is because Windows 7 uses OpenGL for Aero rendering which minimises the stress of graphics card. :D

Turn Off Aero in Vista:
On desktop, right click and choose Personalize. Then click Windows Color and Appearance, then click Open classic appearance properties for more color options, then choose Windows Vista Basic and click apply then OK, that should disable Aero altogether.

Turn Off Aero in Windows 7:
On desktop, right click and choose Personalize. Then scroll down and choose Windows 7 Basic theme.

When you use an outdated application, most of them will not run on Windows Vista/7, you can try right clicking the app, and choose properties. Then go to Compatibility Tab and run the program in Pre-Windows settings.

Update your drivers frequently, sometimes new drivers will improve stability on Software/Hardware's Performance, especially graphics card drivers.
Intel -
Realtek -

Alot of peoples sometimes get a message "Your PC is not geniune, etc.", and most of them just send them to format. Well I suggest turn OFF Automatic Updates! Most of these problems come with Updates from microsoft that scans your PC to identify whether your PC's Windows is original. OEM PC users out there dont have to worry, you can just leave it ON because you are having original Windows UNLESS you send your PC to reformat before.

Keep your PC clean. Sometimes, reapplying thermal paste on your PC's heatsink will decrease it's temperature. Clean your PC after 2-3 months a time, its recommended to leave your PC clean and cool. Dusts tend to block case's airflow and decreases cooling efficeincy. Dust also tend to store on Fans and Graphic Card's Fan & Heatsink. So clean them when you are free. Vacuuming also work, sometimes detaching your PC's front panel and clean it's air filter (if there is).

Run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. When Apps have been opened, there will be Temporary files left on your PC's Temp folder, same happens to web browsers, they store the pics and stuffs on your PC so next time when you visit the site again, it just loads the datas from your PC to improve the speed of web browsing. Cleaning these files will free up some space on your PC. Just run Disk Cleanup and tick everything and let it do the job. Disk Defragmenter..its..well kinda hard to explain how this thing works BUT it does increase your PC's perofmrance, you need to run it one in awhile.

"Windows cannot find d3dx9_xx.dll" something similar like this. This can be fixed on updating your PC's DirectX, just grab it off from Microsoft's site. (make sure there is no validation needed or else you will get the windows not genuine thingy again).

Some common stuffs to do after a PC's being reformated:
1. Install latest drivers
2. Install latest DirectX Redist.
3. Turn off UAC and Automatic Updates
4. Install Visual C++ Redist. (sometimes games doesnt run because of this)
5. Install .Net Framework 2.0
6. Install WinRAR (For decompressing RAR/Zip/ISO etc etc)
7. Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
8. Install K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (You dont need RealPlayer or new players to play RMVB or other formats)

More tips coming :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Malcolm's Birthday! :D

Alright, It goes like this....first he invited alot ppl, around 60+ but ended up only 7 people go there. BUT I had a very good time there. We ate buffet dinner, I ate until I cannot move >_<....I sounded like a dying cow at that time D: After the buffet only 4 of us are there, and we decided to find swimming pool....BUT ended up having one problem...there is no swimming pool in Dynasty Hotel! LMAO We wasted 5 minutes for finding a swimming pool that dont even exist in there LOL! And then we spent our times talking about past....Then at 9 we go home.....before Tek goes back...he sent Calvin a message... "Almost vomit in toilet"...LMAO!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google's 11th birthday =) New games :D

Well, Google! everyone knows about google right? one of the best search engines in the world have gone 11! Notice the google logo...Talk about google, its the best search engine I've ever came across, it is FAAST, because of its simple interface and well....the energy-consuming servers lol :). Well sometimes it does find some stupid informations though (its normal with search engines) and in average, I'll surf google for atleast 5 times a day! WEll I wish I can send them a birthday cake tho XD. Support google peoples!
Alright about new games, well recently there are a few games being released, Need For Speed Shift, Resident Evil 5 (The PC Version, not the console version which is released early this year), Arma 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and some others. Well I ended up buying Arma 2, its an awesome game, Its much...much harder than other shooters out there, its simulation, not just bang here bang there. And I downloaded Need For Speed Shift and Resident Evil 5. Well Need For Speed Shift, you can hate it or love it. It changes to semi-simulation racing genre, not like the crappy NFS Undercover (The Worst NFS) which focuses on Cop chases and stuffs, that doesnt work! after ProStreet is released peoples are blaming like they want Most Wanted stuffs back, so thats why Undercover came out, Story? just like Most Wanted except you are a Undercover cop, Cops? can't you call off a chase since you are a FBI/CIA or whatever it is? graphics in the other hand, Undercover sucked! bugs everywhere etc etc. Shift does the right job. They enhanced the physics correctly, they handle like cars (yes they handle just right, not like undercover which feels like a trolley/box), well the physics on a rear wheel drive car seems a lil bit wild though, a real life S2000 can turn corners nicely but in shift they tend to slide....well seems that they just want us to feel how a rear wheel drive car behave...the cockpit view is done nicely, the motion blur, depth of field, driver animations are absolutely staggering, Shift is the first circuit racing game that actually feel fun. Race Driver GRID's interior view felt....numb and boring. Shift's PC version does suffer from bugs, the keyboard input lag which needs to be set correctly unless you need to live with gamepad or steering wheel, low graphic option seems to crash on my PC (strage since medium and high settings work fine). Its a very nice game, nearly perfect but not well optimized.
Resident Evil 5. Well the PC Version does have some new features like Graphic filter (shader selection), DirectX 10 support, customizable costume and mouse support. (RE4 PC version doesnt support mouse aiming if im not mistaken). This time CAPCOM ported this game perfectly to the PC, i didnt suffer from bugs except sometimes it crashes in menus (maybe its my problem because if i use mousr all the way i dont get crashes). the gameplay is awesome, its like RE4, the story is nicely adapted, graphics are very nice, sounds are recorded or complied with no loss in quality. This game is optimized perfectly, I can run this game on all high settings with FPS of 30-40.
Arma 2 - 8/10
Need For Speed: Shift - 9/10
Resident Evil 5 - 9.5/10

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boom....GG, but fortunately they understand what I mean (I think)

I knew someday this wwill happen, I knew it! and It just happened...

Yesterday in tuition, WY and A lended my brother's phone to check out his pictures, lala...and finally...messages! When I saw the phone screen gone to messages...I was like O.O, hope they dont cause a misunderstanding....and yet they asked me about me and (this is kinda private because I dont wanna get flamed or get a larger misunderstanding) and I said we are just friends, well they dont believe...What to do? I dont know....I tried to explain but just doesnt work upon them...well they dont say anything at last but I just dont wish there are misunderstanding between me and TUUUT. Is there any problems using those languages (muacks stuffs)? Maybe just they felt sensitive I think la but oh well...I can't judge. So just wish they dont spread wrong things out....I heard there are peoples that got hurt when this kind of stuff happen so just....GOD! SAVE ME!

Oh yeah and May Bing wants to go to Kinabalu haha, well she is kinda serious about it =O, asked parents though, they allowed =D.....Promenade Hotel, a hotel that I recommend :D

I wish the trip come true though, I wanna go hunt for PC parts again :D

EDIT: To protect privacy, names are changed to short forms

Monday, September 7, 2009


here I'm annoucing my new GTAIV mod, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR! Release soon, pics? just wait :D

A horrible mistake in newspapers (Miri Daily)

MLRT? Wow! Michael Likes Rock Tour? Medium-sized LRT? and yet after MLRT they wrote Michael Learns To Rock? HAH? MLTR peoples! Oh yea thanks for the PC Gamer Brian! Or else I'll be bored till death today haha :D

Got my N73 back, N-GAGE all day long xD.....surprisingly 5320 runs better than N73 when it comes to asphalt4, nice :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Colin Mcrae: Dirt 2 Demo

ahh I just downloaded the demo from PSN Store and decided to share my thoughts on it...

The game itself is awesome, Codemasters did it again, the menus are awesome and creative, very nice HDR effects and finally, nice 3d models :cool: and not to forget...Ken Block, Travis Pastrana and Tanner Foust are some of the AIs in the demo :D. Alright the demo come with 2 races, Baja and Trail Blazer....Trail Blazer is just simply a Time Attack...BUT with cars on the track when you are driving, in that race mode you are driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, when the countdown started, I switched to interior view and I was already amazed....and GO! start and I drove quickly and suddenly...BAMMM! crash! Sad isn't it? But I'm happy at that time because of the damage models...oh man they looked better tahn Grid ones (nice improve there) and the physics is just suitable for players...back then Dirt has some issues with the physics, the cars in the 1st dirt is way too easy to drive, too much grip on the tyres and the steering felt unnatural, now Dirt 2 fixed can turn a u turn by handbrake and drift through the corner nicely or drive nicely through it, the Particle Effects of the game is absolutely awesome! When you drive over a pile of water, the water splashes on your windshield, and the wiper helps to clean...its very nice since it's one of the "hazards" in rally, GTR2 and GTR Evolution rain particle is not realistic, you can drive on a track for 30 laps with no wipers yet you can still see the track nicely...the Baja however...showed how smart the AI are....its hard to overtake them, its also hard to block them...they are smart..not TOO smart but just OK level...oithers just download the demo or wait for the final game :D

rating: 9.5/10

Friday, August 7, 2009

Windows 7 Report UPDATE Pics

Thanks to my friend now I have Windows 7 RTM (Release to manufacture) version, which is kinda same as my Vista DVD (I got Vista before it's released) and I'm here to write a report on my experience on Windows 7 from yesterday.

Yesterday night i decided to install it to my PC and well the upgrade option doesnt work since I'm using the pre-release version (RC1) so I done a clean install on it. 1st time it failed becuase of my DVD-ROM. So I tried my 2nd DVD-ROM and it worked. Installed all and its working.

Suprisingly, This Windows came with all drivers that I need, Sounds, LAN, all type of drivers its installed. But I decided to update nForce and Geforce drivers and nFroce installed well but Geforce drivers stuck in the middle. I tried lots of times and other methods it just doesnt work. So I used Windows Update to update the driver, It worked! But until I found out that Physx doesnt work. So my bro did a reinstall again, and everything is working fine! the drivers can be installed, everything is working fine with no problems at ALL! and I didnt notice any lags when using explorer and I can feel a lil bit FPS boost in games when compared to Vista. The boot-up speed is also increased, and I didnt get a single not responding error until now, It's working fine =)

Apps. Tested:
NOTE- Games are tested without installation (backuped from pre-windows unless stated)
eVGA Precision - Working
Saints Row 2 - Working
ESET Smart Security - Working
Need For Speed: Undercover - Working
nVIDIA Control Panel - Working
nVIDIA GeoForms - Working
WinRAR - Working
Call Of Duty: World at War - Working
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Working
Bully: Scholarship Edition - Working
Ferrari Virtual Race - Working
K-Lite Codec Pack - Working
Orbit Downloader - Working
Fraps - Working
Gears Of War - Working
GTR Evolution - Working
Left 4 Dead - Working
Superstars V8 Racing - Working
Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Working
Battlefield 2 - Working
Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Working
Crysis - Working
Need For Speed: ProStreet - Working
The Sims 3 - Working (Reinstalled)
Guitar Hero 3 - Working (Reinstalled)
Street Racing Syndicate - Working
Nurien Tech Demo - Working
PCSX2 - Working
Star Tales Benchmark - Working
Volvo The Game - Working
Grand Theft Auto IV - Working
Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights - Working
Adobe Reader 9 - Working

Pidgin - Working
Thunder - Working
Total Video Converter - Working
Youtube Downloader HD - Working
UltraISO - Working

More app. report coming, stay tuned =D

Pics: Aero Enabled, every visual effect enabled

Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Oscar! :D

Today is our new head boy's birthday, Congrats DUDE! Just had a nice lunch at Pizza Hut with Oscar and other friends: Hua Yao, Jessica, Colin, Samuel Achi, Brian, Amindah, Sheau Per, Calvin and finally not in my friend list.....MY BRO! xD thanks to these peoples that made me had a great time with you peoples :D....Amindah spilled Orange Juice though...Unluckily..I KENA xD...but still you peoples are just lovely :) I've never had such a good time in this year. Oh yea and Kah Kiong what are you thinking? you arrived after we finished eating lol :X

And finally, OSCAR! you know what to do next week? perhaps help me buy a card?

Friday, July 17, 2009


UPDATE 1.1 changelog:

carcols no need to be changed, the car will always be spawned as white, front indicators are working, some uv mapping fix on bonnet, texture fix on some parts of the car.


for peoples who asked about the rim issue, I tried to fix it but theres NO BUMPMAP texture for the rim in Pro Street's model....and I think the rims look I'll leave it there

The Rig That I'm Using :D


Before the rig is ready:

That's my bro, I was too bored and decided to take pics...
Pics now:
I know...the Core 2 Extreme logo..But BLACK really fits more! It's a brilliant idea!
1. Change the UV VIZO fan to CM black label series fan (blue)
2. Exchange the 9800GT with my cousin...(thanks) which is because I want to OC more..and my cousin dont do OCs...
3. Black Interior (CM690 PURE)
4. 1TB HDD or MORE :D
5. Change processor to Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme

Saturday, July 11, 2009

my first mod for GTAIV :D

Yes, it's IV, not San Andreas...Few days ago I just got my hands on the latest Zmodeler with GTAIV export filter Beta, then I started working on R35.....but it just doenst work but after a few attempts it started to I've worked on that car almost 2 hours a day (Study T_T) and now this is the near final product :D
Let's bring GTAIV modding to life =D
Est. Release: Sunday/Monday