Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's been quite a mind-blowing year, two-thousand-nineee, which is the first year of my Senior school life.

The beginning of the year it's like a complete STRAIGHT nightmare for me, everything changed...only like 5% similarity as last year. But luckily I got used to it very fast and I learned something: "Live your life, Don't let Life rule You!", everything seems to be veteran, even communicating with teachers, subjects, projects...exams..It's like a complete different world to me. But I walked out without any pain. Friends were helping me out when I faced difficulties, they helped me when I need them most, they chat with me, they played with me, of course not to forget..they skipped class with me (1 time only xD)...Sometimes when they sleep I always shake them up so they can accompany If I were them I'll give the guy a punch or something...It just felt that I liked to annoy peoples in class, now I dont wanna do that again..EVER (Let's see whether how long will it LAST =P) It's not like 2008, which I always hang out with friends almost every week, now I dont have time anymore, weekends I spend time with BOOKS and well...just message with peoples all the time. Even I think that they dont have time, they seemed full with tuitions.

Now talking about what happened this year, the most remarkable one is...Concert! Well because I got involved in a drama which is just..well not in my mind at all....but from a totally useless guy when it comes to performing turns into a guy that can actually PERFORM on stage is a big change..Seeing peoples improve day by day, seconds by seconds is just...fascinating! Thanks to Ms. Jill, and the ones which got involved (Becca, Hsien's sis(s), Kah Hui's sis(s), James and John and Ms. Jill), walking here and there...try to find excuses not to go back to class, stay in choir room, library..messing in I miss those times..

Before I end this post, I'm gonna say...This year, I helped a girl to walk out from her nightmares after breaking up with her ex, cheering her up...accompany her whenever possible..It's been a good experience for me...but sometimes I actually received 10+ messages filled with "oi" because I fall asleep suddenly but I find it a unforgettable experience =O. Bad things does happen, but I just need to live with it.

It's been a good year, yeah it is! I heart 2009!