Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today is a ridiculous day....

My dad is out to install stuffs in erm...SOHO..something like that....then suddenly when I and my mother and brother and sis arrived at shop, then he phones us...and then he said things that he forgot.....WTH....before we get in the shop his friend just left shop and go to the spot...why dont he phoned earlier.....THEN my mom and his companion goes delivering the stuffs....when she came back (after delivering a Amplifier and some stands and ordered some FOODS LOL) she got back to shop...THEN she got another phone call...from my dad again...Now he need more stands, some Microphone wire from audioquest...and some HDMI converter and 4 SHURE Professional Microphones (SM58)...and a set of Wireless I get those stuffs in mom's car then finally we got into the stupid place then we take those stuffs to my that place is nice....and then we got back to car....just few secs after mom want to Drive....she rememeber that she needs to pay the wire assembler money (RM 200+ WOW I dont know even assembling wires can make so much money..) and my brother ran to the spot again then give him the money then we finally get home...(HEY TODAY WE ARE GOING TO SHOPPING!!) but things went you see father forgot things made my mom wasted almost 1 hour going the time my mom ordered FOODS (Roasted chicken and DUCKS) then its almost 6! then my grandpa phoned: (are you going back to dinner?) THEN WTF we planned to go shopping..oh well coz grandpa mar~~ so we got home and eat dinner...right after that we go to shopping AGAIN...we go to imperial...MAN Calvin tell me theres FASHION SHOW...but it ended up in LION DANCE competition!!? so we didnt saw peoples showing off....only those stupid Lion Faces spinning around the hall...So we went up to Sony Centre...hmm my mom is interested in the Bravia V Series...then after she asked the price...her face directly gone GREEN LOLLL...then my bro took Sony Style...finally Sony Style got PS3...hah I dont need coz its not NEEDED anymore xD..and we bought cup cost RM 4.50 I think...we bought three...then we ate those...I loved the Bluebery Cheese Flavour...I love Cheese CAKES :D..

That's all I say, Wish all peoples a Happy New Year :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Laptop Day!

My 2nd Laptop
Originally uploaded by Steve Kong
Today I got up, bored and decided to have a laptop day, firstly I didnt think about this idea, I walked downstairs and saw my sister playing at my Gaming PC, and I'm lazy to deal with her, so I directly go up to the laptop (shown in pic) then bring it to the living room (coz i want to play PS3 oso) so I opened it up, plucked the electricity, removed battery (battery life will decrease if using laptop with battery and electricity at the same time) and I played GT5 Prologue, and I decided to show Dom (Mr. Nobody) how I drift in GT5P, then guess what, the whole day I'm sticking to this laptop and PS3, just tend to lazy to go play my PC.....I completed GT5P today, woah finally the Ford Gt Time Trial Event is passed O.O then I got the Ferrari F1....i even drift it =.= cause of boredom...and I raced 2 races....both got first, what can I say? lucky? or plain SKILL? XD

After having this day, I DONT RECOMMEND YOU PEOPLES TO BUY A LAPTOP AND USE IT LIKE A PC, believe me, you will hate it....watching the screen which is sticked to the lappie'
s numpads, slim keyboard buttons, touchpad, and a small space....and the body is hot too....the most hating part can't play ANY GAMES THAT IS VERY GOOD, im only playing Nintendo DS Emu inside this laptop, its just a emulator...what I play? Harvest Moon.....NintenDOGS (man this is nice....if you got a microphone that is even nicer)...Pokemon Diamond....

Tonight I'm having a suckass connection since 9.00PM, damn this sucks, I got multiple disconnect problems in minutes...and numerous speed problems....As y'all know...Alien invades Earth...well now its Snailmyx invades Streamyx...and Snailmyx got their new support army! DCmyx! I tried 3 flickr only to upload the damn laptop picture

Friday, December 19, 2008

GT5 Prologue Case front view

Last week I bought Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III, which includes updates since GT5 Prologue till December, its a limited edition, very limited....It's in production now but limited period, luckily I got it from Parkson Game Center....luckily the shop boss is my dad's friend so he gave me discount till RM 200 (still expensive eh?) but considering, its IMPORTED FROM JAPAN, LIMITED I just bought it have about 20 more cars than the original Prologue Disc.....and after few days of playing...considering selling my GT5 Prologue Original (Trad. Chinese Version) for half price...(RM 130), Despite selling it I'll just lend Techkie House so they can use it to Demo their Playstation 3....maybe they can help me sell too :D, the disc is in perfect condition....only the case got minor doesnt matter...Imagine my game displaying in Techkie House....*proud*

Soo....anyone interested buying it?

more photos of it

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Joined PLAYSTATION HOME and PC Fair + Logitech Driving Force GT

Recently I'm just lucky to get an invitation to join Playstation HOME via e-mail, then I directly booted up my PS3, then enter the code, then I'm requested to update my firmware, I downloaded it through PC then update it through Storage Media, then I downloaded the application, it cost 77MB, then I got to the startup screen, after tons of connection error, I finally got in, built a new character, then run through the tutorial.......I met lots of friends, chatted with them using my keyboard, I had a great fun watching videos and play bowling and snooker with them, always LOSE coz I suck on we chat inside my house, enjoying city view...NICE.....I wish meeting friends is that easy in real-life....

PC FAIR!! I did took a visit on it...then I just wasting my time walking around and see whether there are beautiful girls, and also can find some PC parts that I need, at LAST! I bought nothing, got alot of brochures and books tho...even got Cooler Master Catalogue Book 2008 :D, I saw CM Aquagate Max there....Liquid Cooling System, I will buy that if I live in Gurun Sahara :P, who needs that? I saw my computer case selling there (Centurion 5), CM 690 NVidia Edition, CM690 etc etc, CM never dissapoints me :P, my brother bought a PenDrive, My friend bought an Pc home, Brian is going to buy Acer Aspire 6935 (i gotta say, its the best laptop there..) then finally, I got home...I was looking at MCL brochure, I saw the Logitech products, got G25....MOMO,, I love the looking of Drivign Force GT (DFGT), Simply magnificient! It cost RM 799, I can consider it.....Just the problems of parents......I wanted a Steering Wheel since I'm in primary six and till now I dont even got the chance to experience one....well only the wheels on arcade machines...they suck...BIG TIME.....Considering....Should I buy? or NO?