Monday, December 22, 2008

Laptop Day!

My 2nd Laptop
Originally uploaded by Steve Kong
Today I got up, bored and decided to have a laptop day, firstly I didnt think about this idea, I walked downstairs and saw my sister playing at my Gaming PC, and I'm lazy to deal with her, so I directly go up to the laptop (shown in pic) then bring it to the living room (coz i want to play PS3 oso) so I opened it up, plucked the electricity, removed battery (battery life will decrease if using laptop with battery and electricity at the same time) and I played GT5 Prologue, and I decided to show Dom (Mr. Nobody) how I drift in GT5P, then guess what, the whole day I'm sticking to this laptop and PS3, just tend to lazy to go play my PC.....I completed GT5P today, woah finally the Ford Gt Time Trial Event is passed O.O then I got the Ferrari F1....i even drift it =.= cause of boredom...and I raced 2 races....both got first, what can I say? lucky? or plain SKILL? XD

After having this day, I DONT RECOMMEND YOU PEOPLES TO BUY A LAPTOP AND USE IT LIKE A PC, believe me, you will hate it....watching the screen which is sticked to the lappie'
s numpads, slim keyboard buttons, touchpad, and a small space....and the body is hot too....the most hating part can't play ANY GAMES THAT IS VERY GOOD, im only playing Nintendo DS Emu inside this laptop, its just a emulator...what I play? Harvest Moon.....NintenDOGS (man this is nice....if you got a microphone that is even nicer)...Pokemon Diamond....

Tonight I'm having a suckass connection since 9.00PM, damn this sucks, I got multiple disconnect problems in minutes...and numerous speed problems....As y'all know...Alien invades Earth...well now its Snailmyx invades Streamyx...and Snailmyx got their new support army! DCmyx! I tried 3 flickr only to upload the damn laptop picture