Friday, December 19, 2008

GT5 Prologue Case front view

Last week I bought Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III, which includes updates since GT5 Prologue till December, its a limited edition, very limited....It's in production now but limited period, luckily I got it from Parkson Game Center....luckily the shop boss is my dad's friend so he gave me discount till RM 200 (still expensive eh?) but considering, its IMPORTED FROM JAPAN, LIMITED I just bought it have about 20 more cars than the original Prologue Disc.....and after few days of playing...considering selling my GT5 Prologue Original (Trad. Chinese Version) for half price...(RM 130), Despite selling it I'll just lend Techkie House so they can use it to Demo their Playstation 3....maybe they can help me sell too :D, the disc is in perfect condition....only the case got minor doesnt matter...Imagine my game displaying in Techkie House....*proud*

Soo....anyone interested buying it?

more photos of it