Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confirmed! School Day is ON 8/5!

Let me see your hands up! do it! School day is next friday..finally they are not too dumb to cancel school day...they made a good choice.....yep...atleast

Periodic 2 results-> HORRIBLE

BUT I'll try my best next time gotta memorize those nilai for moral...damn I've never thought that Moral is THAT hard...

Friday, April 24, 2009

School Day posponed (info. from friend)

Ricky Thien told me that School Day is postponed to 8/5? Seems possible since next week it's labour day and you can't expect people come to school rite? even parents are lazy to send their child lol...Just keep in touch...any changes will be posted here =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fort Minor- The Rising Tied Album

Today I was surfing around the internet for torrents..and also youtube vids..and I came across one of my fav songs...its Where'd You go by Fort Minor and I decided to find The Rising Tied Full Album to download...guess what...I found a 290kbps, high quality ripped The Rising Tied Album Torrent...I was so freakin happy then I downloaded it...although the speed is SLOW since it doesnt have much seeders but since: good things are worth to I waited for hours..AND download complete...I was listening to the songs almost everyday I open my PC..I LOVE IT....

Just some sharing...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kingston DT120 Pendrive 4GB

Front view

Rear View

shot taken on table
I decided to buy this on PC Fair since I'm really...really tired of seeing DT101s...I can see it lying everywhere in ppl's hands... =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures taken at PIKOM PC Fair =) enjoy



Tying to hide from ME?

Tonners =) they are recycling them..I gave them mine..earned Rm 13 =)

A4 tech products :P a cheap and yet useable brand
PC Image..Busy eh?

Kingston "OX" Limited Edition Pendrives

HP Booth...accidentally that guy in yellow shirt turned lol

Wehaya (HP Booth) selling off their TX2Z...damn I want one..mine's a TX1000!

The fastest PC in the whole PC Fair, the Aspire M7720...Core i7 PC =O vista rating? 5.9 all..MAX!

A night in Seafood Bistro

Yep, Seafood Bistro.....its very awesome..i love that place...2 days ago my mom decided to eat outside..and she called my dad and my dad introduced this place...I was shocked when 1st seen....I feel relaxed when sitting on thier wooden chairs, clean looking tables and other sleek stuffs...check out how they deco the tree...DAMN ITS SO FKING NICE...very nice idea..I LOVE IT! If i'm not mistaken I ordered a cup of xiao mai chao or something but with lemon O.O...tasted weird but nice though...and what I ate there is a full plate of Lamb Chop with Black Pepper =)

If I'm the designer, I'll just leave it there and dont install green LEDS..I mean...its a very creative design and it doesnt need a pack full of cash to do that...amazing...
The place where the chefs are cooking and roasting western foods...other corners I didnt take since there are many peoples at there...
That's all...and the name of this Western Restaurant reminds me of Saints Mark's Bistro, which is featured in GTA3 and Liberty city...ahh good times =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Alright....before I get out of here and go for dinner at outside I'm just going to post a new post =)

My grandpa is looking for a new digital camera...or a DSLR...he is interested on Sony's Alpha 300 or the Nikon DSLRs...I felt a lil bit..happy...and a lil bit..shocked...the happy thing is..he is going to have a DSLR but I'm shocked that his previous Digital Cam is not even 2 years! it's a Nikon COOLPIX P4...a 8.1 Megapixels..3.5 Optical Zoom and Vibration Reduction digital cam..and its freaking awesome and NOW MY GRANDPA IS GOING TO ABANDON IT? LOL...I use that camera daily...taking pics for blog posts...beautiful and memorable moments and others...I just cna't get my hands off it...and my grandpa is tired of it =____=..I dont he really going to change? Decision is on his hands..

PC Fair...yea..I'll talk about it right now..I gone there yesterday at 3PM (early eh?) and suprisingly it's SMALLER...I dont see copy-cat booths now which is a good thing...and another bad news is...Pendrives, Rams, Memory Cards prices are higher O.O....But I dont really care since I'm only looking for a microSD card...PC Image done their job well....I posted some "requests" at and seems my suggestions worked...

requests posted at McNet a while ago:
"my opinion for a better PC fair....
1. Sell Graphic Cards (for god sake last time I saw they sell is about 4 years ago)
2. Sell more monitors
3. Less laptop, more PC
4. Demonstration booths....which demonstrate some products....
5. Consoles...O.O
6. More hi-end PCs will be better
7. Gaming Accesories

I saw PC IMAGE selling graphic cards...and I saw some monitors from Wehaya (HP Monitors) and yes...laptops are not as many as last year YAY! and Demonstration Booths? I dont see any though..Consoles...Yep, I saw C&C Selling PS2 and Wii (wheres the 360 and PS3?) and hi-end pcs...yeah I saw only ONE...ONE Core i7 PC there..its fast...VERY FAST...but probably its built by Acer cant overclock it...(core i7 is good at overclocking), if you overclock it...warranty is GONE...too bad =( Gaming Accesories...erm..? I dont see any LOL (I saw gamepads tho)..since normal keyboard and mouses can be used for gaming too so it doesnt matter...LESS PENDRIVES...thats somehow...DREAM lol...but I do saw less pendrives this time...probably because the price is higher...

Brian (YEP the in-famous Brian Wong) bought a new PC....Core 2 Quad Q9500...4GB Ram (chosen by me)...Ati HD4850 (wise choice again from me XD..he is telling me that 9800GT is better but I showed him tom'shardware chart and proved 4850 IS FASTER than 9800GT) and a new PSU...a very fast PC but not VERY FAST for me since a people like me will need a...Core i7 or Core 2 Extreme lol XD and we time if I wanna play Crysis, I'll go to his house lol....I didnt bought anything since my grandpa is not here (not at Miri, gone overseas to play LOL) so theres no ppl willing to buy stuffs in there =(

Finished about PC Fair and now....

NO SCHOOL DAY...what the hell? Who on earth will care about governments when you are in a independent school? why you give a damn about what they told you?

Yea someone from government is going to our school to inspect our facilities and despite his appearance we are going to study until 3:30...and no school day...DAMN! I was a lil bit angry about this though...

*clicked publish post, logged out and step in mom's car and leave house for dinner*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fast & Furious Movie Review

Last Friday I just got chance to watch this movie with friends, I invited Brian, Edward, Oscar and others to watch together....Before I enter the theathre....damn Edward and Oscar were late but I didnt miss the start scene (lucky) but since Oscar were waiting Edward so he didnt see the 1st scene where Dom tries to steal Oil Truck...and he also missed the part where Han appeared (yes, the uber-handsome korean guy which drives the Veilside Fortune RX-7 in Tokyo Drift) and ahh....I was happy that I saw him at the movie though....Alright back to the topic...

Review: I loved the movie....From the start till the end I didnt get my eyes out from the screen...I just LOVE IT....I felt cool when the part where Brian gets the chance to choose cars from the impound lot...

GIRL1: the FBI allows you to take the car from impound lot
BRIAN: alright, I remember that I arrested no.xxxx, no.xxxx, no.xxxx
GIRL1: *types the computer and search for the car* *screen shows three pics: A Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo (ER34), Nissan GT-R (VQ35) "so which want do you want?"
BRIAN: I want all of them

And somehow I found the GPS system interesting? izzit real? I mean...theres a STREET RACING GPS? LOL...And hey...after watching the movie...I found the Subaru Impreza kinda interesting...oh well I'm a die-hard Lancer Evolution fan...but this movie made the Sti doesnt look that bad (though it still wrecked at the end) The effects on this film is very can spot some CGs though....since its really impossible to that scene in real life so devs want it recreated in 3D....

THE BEST THINGS: there are only 3 HONDAS...YEAAAAAH...Ricers didnt pop up so much in this film unlike the 1st one...there is a Honda Civic EG, Honda Integra Type R (DC2) and Honda NSX-R (not sure its a R or not, driven by Jordana Brewster)...the ENDING is very cool...not to mention here BUT just go watch it...or wait for the DVD...MUST WATCH? YES

Rating: 9.5/10

0.5 goes to....the choice of using Subie lol

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Differences Between N73, N73ME and 5320XM Box =)

as I said in last post, this is the post that I'm talking about...this is going to be a loong post...

Alright Let's start from the Nokia N73 Music Edition Box
Front Box
Side View
Back View
Inside the box, it welcomes you with this nice girl which is using her N73 Music Edition Headphones =)
Well the books didnt show any music edition N73, its taken from the original box =)
And here's the N73 Standard Box
Front Pic
Side Profile
Back Pic
Instead of getting a Beautiful girl inside, I got this handsome man holding his N73 talking to someone xD
Wondering why this is from Music Edition Box? well both of them are same de except background picture is not same...words are same
More books than Music Edition, notice the paper from flickr =)
Software Suite, the Music edition is same as the one shown

And Here comes the 5320XpressMusic

Front Pic, free 30 songs from Romana (specified according to country)

After opened....

where the phone hides at 1st glance

Where you get accesories such as headphones, chargers, blah

Where the CD is located

Get into the groove!
Tons of books
I'm tired of posting alot of pics lol, so now...Case Closed! End Of Story
Enjoy the pics, Steve