Sunday, April 19, 2009

A night in Seafood Bistro

Yep, Seafood Bistro.....its very awesome..i love that place...2 days ago my mom decided to eat outside..and she called my dad and my dad introduced this place...I was shocked when 1st seen....I feel relaxed when sitting on thier wooden chairs, clean looking tables and other sleek stuffs...check out how they deco the tree...DAMN ITS SO FKING NICE...very nice idea..I LOVE IT! If i'm not mistaken I ordered a cup of xiao mai chao or something but with lemon O.O...tasted weird but nice though...and what I ate there is a full plate of Lamb Chop with Black Pepper =)

If I'm the designer, I'll just leave it there and dont install green LEDS..I mean...its a very creative design and it doesnt need a pack full of cash to do that...amazing...
The place where the chefs are cooking and roasting western foods...other corners I didnt take since there are many peoples at there...
That's all...and the name of this Western Restaurant reminds me of Saints Mark's Bistro, which is featured in GTA3 and Liberty city...ahh good times =)


Angie said...

It looks so beautiful with the LEDs though, I mean look at your photos! Look at the different contrast with the red and green! It's so cool! If you turned them off, I don't think I'd even be able to see the tree that well in your photos.