Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another school life blog :D

School started for a week now and today is friday, damn tomorrow still got school because of Chinese New Year Holidays...Nothing seems to be worry about it BUT theres one problem...will everyone study at tomorrow? It just doesnt make one wants to study at Saturday because usually its somekinda "HOLIDAY" for us all....Anyone believe tomorrow all people will not bring mobile phones to school? YEA RIGHT! I bet got some sneaky bastards wil try to bring....some days back I was chatting with one of my friends when im in Primary School....nice memories and she is one of the members in Orientation in Chung Hua...they need to stay at their hall and the orientation programme ends at 6PM everyday....thats almost nighttime! She is tired, words to describe but oh well....I've had this kind of experience b4 but its not as bad as her experience.....6PM everyday! for me 2 days I wanna quit liao lo....but still she really needs to get some she take care of those new students are wayyy too bro in Orientation didnt give a shit about them if they give stupid reasons....I've never saw my bro get serious like that....he had grown up! As brother, im proud of it :P....and My bro have taken some pics from Orientation this year....Firstly the photographer is Christopher but because of his Camera and Handphone (SE C905 8.1MP) has very short battery life...and small sensors which doenst make any big difference as other mobile phone cams....So my bro used his N82 and Nikon Digital Cam (8.1MP also) and those pictures are fantastic (Chris's pics are nice too, thx!) and I can kinda know my brothers personality LOL....he took useless pics (Friend Screaming, Samuel Achi Singing...bla) I've had a great time watching it.....

Monday I've gone to imperial with my parents so we can buy things for CNY...clothes bro and me bought some clothes (one cost about RM 50+!!) Diesel wears ma...and my bro bought Body Glove wears and a Original Body Glove Wallet, its very nice but I prefer Leather wallets (black cOOL!) and I'm planning to buy one of the Leather Wallets there...all are made in Paris or Italy O.O And im also going to buy a watch :P but its hard to find one that is nice and cheap price :lol:

PHONES! hell my N73 is really OLD liao lo~~ its still good la but got some probs with joystick and im really lazy to PHONE! Im currently interested in Nokia N82 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (aka Nokia TUBE)....N82 is really good at taking pictures, it continues the revolution of Nokia N73 :D, even a KODAK Digital Cam cant match with it :O, 5800XM has touchscreen and Symbian Series 60 Version 5 and it has one of the best Music Performance from the house of Nokia (XpressMusic) with enhanced DSP (Digital Sound Processing), Both phones have Accelerometer which detects the phone position (Potrait or Landscape), N82 have really good System Performance and Gaming Performance (its one of the best NSeries) idk aobut 5800 coz never used it but touch UI in S60 is very nice....really....I never thinked about SE phones except the Xperia X1 only......other phones just SUCKS! Nothing new, most of them are just cover swap then feature some skinny features then resell again.....Java is weak in features but its easier to code...Symbian supports Java, thats why I go for Symbian Phones :P, HTC! hell look at the price....the Diamond is really nice but I dont really like Windows Mobile Interface and the supporting community is not as large as Symbian Phones....Symbian is open source, Open to New Features :D

The End of my Diary


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Normal School Diary.....

I love english lesson in my class, damn Mr.John is just hilarious....he taught us things that uses IQ and something that is wierd in this world....examples:

╥r2.....its something like pine r square....oh explains pines are square...HOW THE HELL PINES ARE SQUARE SHAPED!!? THEY ARE ROUND!!

pineapple->oh yea, wheres the pine, and wheres the apple??
watermelon->it should be a fruit which only contains WATER inside it's skin....well it ended up in red yummy reasons
sandwich->you expect SAND be inside a bread?

some FACTS....
If shakespear never appeared in this world, our past tense will be using -eth....imagine....Here cometh the pain! LOL
Opening one lamp for 1 hour would kill 5000 penguins....imaigne how many penguins will be killed in nighttime?
Ever think why there are no female golfers in old times when golf is introduced? (G.O.L.F reassembles Game Only Lacking Female)
When solving problems in Mathematics, how come a+b+c will become 90 degree? and the next day it will change to either 180, or other?
Shakespear have written almost 120 sonnets, most of them are to give only one girl that he romantic

End of them, others he said I forgot...LOL

When people teases you "you are FAT" answer him/her "I'm fat, you are ugly, I can get slim, you can do nothing".....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tomorrow School Starts

as the title said...I got nothing to say more :P