Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Normal School Diary.....

I love english lesson in my class, damn Mr.John is just hilarious....he taught us things that uses IQ and something that is wierd in this world....examples:

╥r2.....its something like pine r square....oh well...it explains pines are square...HOW THE HELL PINES ARE SQUARE SHAPED!!? THEY ARE ROUND!!

pineapple->oh yea, wheres the pine, and wheres the apple??
watermelon->it should be a fruit which only contains WATER inside it's skin....well it ended up in red yummy things...no reasons
sandwich->you expect SAND be inside a bread?

some FACTS....
If shakespear never appeared in this world, our past tense will be using -eth....imagine....Here cometh the pain! LOL
Opening one lamp for 1 hour would kill 5000 penguins....imaigne how many penguins will be killed in nighttime?
Ever think why there are no female golfers in old times when golf is introduced? (G.O.L.F reassembles Game Only Lacking Female)
When solving problems in Mathematics, how come a+b+c will become 90 degree? and the next day it will change to either 180, or other?
Shakespear have written almost 120 sonnets, most of them are to give only one girl that he loved...how romantic

End of them, others he said I forgot...LOL

When people teases you "you are FAT" answer him/her "I'm fat, you are ugly, I can get slim, you can do nothing".....