Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally..a update

Basically I've been busy managing Photography Club's blog so I didnt really have time to update this blog BUT here it is! *yeah here it is! YEAH!*

heres the link if peoples are interested (that is):

AND I Bought a NEW TOY! Sony Ericsson HBH-DS200! Bluetooth headphone! Actually...I lost the box, warranty card...charger BUT NOT the set of headphone because my bro left it somewhere LOL. LUCKY ME! (can use Se's phone charger =D) aneh Soi d...

Today received a card from a Junior girl..eheh Thanks =)

Alright thats all, now its time to..Photoshop AGAIN! =)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling moody for the whole day..

Today I feel...different...It's not feels unusual, uncomfortable....even the way I talk in Messenger changed...I feel I'm a jerk now...The way I talk, chat...It's just...not the way it should be...A single shout from mom or brother will make me very mad...It's not because fo homeworks...not because of stress...Its because of something...something that makes me very...very mad..

IMA JERK! Sorry if you peoples are feeling uncomfortable at the way I am today..I'm sorry..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The clock is ticking...

The most boring day of 2010?

First thing in the morning, help grandpa for deliveries...then eat breakfast...then go home and facing my PC...then facebook....then hotmail...then friendster...then hi5...then YouTube...then MetaCafe...then...then...I'm just so bored...really...I even turned off my phone! I'm just not in the mood of replying messages and stuffs...Just felt like throwing my phone away! Even looking at the list of games that I have in my PC I dont know what to play..

OH! and I connected my PS3...blah..drifted 1 lap in Suzuka and then back to boredom again..For the whole Afternoon until NOW....and probably for the whole day theres no one finding one talks to me! (well my mom does)..and AH..even theres chats it's also about computers =.=

In the evening however my mom wants to go out for dinner so I follow her, and we ate at Maha Lada (memang mahal ada la)...and then go to dad's shop....stayed there for half an hour...and then back to home AGAIN and HERE I AM!

FFS I'm just soo bored right now...I slept 3 times in this afternoon goddamn it!

Lack of games= ==
Brother and Sister away from Miri= alone in my room
No new chat windows= no people to talk to
No messages for days= Better just turn the phone off!
Blogger Feed= makes me sad?
New post= Nothing to write
Nothing to write= smash my head on my keyboard?

Alriiight...finally...I got something to say half an hour to play computer daily enough?
Answer from me? NO.

Turn on PC, turn on main power switch, wait for PC to boot takes nearly 2 minutes already
Go on facebook, check people's status, comments..upload pictures takes 10-15 minutes depend on your upload and how many comments you are going to type..
A lap on Nurburgring Nordscheilfe takes 8-9 minutes plus game loading time...
Chatting takes forever to finish?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why, How, Where I use my Nseries

First thing in the morning, buy a 1day pass from Maxis. and check facebook for friend requests and status, make some comments. After checking facebook I'll go through my e-mail to check if there's any new mails that needs replying and attention. (All done on bed) After that I'll go jogging, slide out camera's cover, capture nice dawn landscapes! Share what you see.

Shopping..Slide camera's cover, capture some products that friends/self interested...If some friends wants you to help purchasing something, video call them through 3G and let them make their choice =D. Also...capture memorable moments that inspires you to turn on your camera. Met friends, lets take a picture! After you finished taking pictures..You can either Store them on your memory card/phone memory, or Upload via Flickr or Facebook through 3G/Wi-Fi. When you are bored, sit down and watch some videos through Youtube. Videonlineverywhere

In a party...Capture every random and sweet moments that you can only encounter once in a lifetime...Let it be group photo or doesnt matter :) Capture videos of friends "bullying", playing computer games etc...etc...Also can have fun with friends by playing games together in N-GAGE by connecting to N-GAGE arena or through Wi-Fi. Videos taken can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, VOX...etc...And share the pictures you took on your phone by TV-OUT your phone and share the pictures in a big screen, and also watch videos too =D Now everything joins up

On the streets, open Nokia Maps/Garmin XT...find your way to the location you desire with in-built GPS, discover new places, discover new peoples. Update your facebook status whenever you want, check is there any events, send friends emails about new places...Discover, capture and share your stories

Treat it as your journal, capture every single memorable moment, and upload them to photo sharing sites like Flickr in just clicks! Update your facebook status whenever you like, tweet! listen to musics, download music from Nokia Music Store, install applications and games from Ovi Store or through File transfer, sync contact informations, email accounts etc with your computer..Capture, Edit, Share.

Nokia Nseries. See new. Hear new. Feel new.

a day without my brother and sister...

Without my brother and sister at home its like something's lost....Theres no noises, only musics that came through PC Speakers, no random sentences, no....nothing! In school it felt like something's gone...When I arrived at school this morning theres no one that I can talk to! Even when I havent arrived's all silence in grandpa's car...and finally...cannot play clones!

Seriously...It's all...LOST. I'm tired now, sick of all these stuffs...

Mom's Birthday! =)

Happy Birthday Mom! (sorry for the pac-man look)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 days in parkson

1st day, go to Parkson for Pizza Hut with my family...and hell the traffic is record? haha x)
2nd day, go to Parkson with friends! (Basically we meet up in Imperial 1st and then walk to Parkson) =D so 10.30, arrived at imperial, walk here and there with CKK and my bro and ended up looking for new headphones for iPhone..and then Lee Seng called...he arrived. So we ended up playing his DSLR and CKK's DSLR. (Canon 500D and Nikon D90) and have a drink at Blue Cafe! (It's like 1 year since last time we ate there, just go there for a lil bit of a flashback)

12:00-> WALK TO PARKSON! Well theres nothing interesting about the walking "trip" to Parkson because theres nothing special, no special cars, no girls (LOL :D) and straight after I arrived at Parkson, I straight go toilet. After that we bought tickets for Sherlock Holmes for 2.00. Well we still have more than a hour so we ended up going in a Cyber Cafe (fastnet, the cleanest Cyber Cafe I've ever seen? Because I've never been inside a Cyber Cafe because most of them have smokers inside which is BADD) and I'm going to explain what happened inside there...

Basically...When I sit down and is going to play a game, I double screen there...well opening Task MAnager wont work because they hid all those I'm basically..STUCK THERE! and I told the manager about it....he said change to another PC (he seems dont wanna care about me at all) well it doesnt work because the hanged PC is still there running...(The timer is still there) and I decided to take the main plug off (yes, I did it inside a open Cyber Cafe) then the account worked on the 2nd PC. WOO! But thats not all!

2nd PC story: Logged in, decided to play NFS Most Wanted, opened, up the graphics quality...and then I ended up driving already...BUT suddenly..the PC turns off..and when I touched the's hot! Overheated? YES....

3rd PC Story: Play CS with Lee Seng and CKK, hahahaah Lee Seng is PWNED xD!

Conclusion of the story of three PC in Fastnet ends up in two words: EPIC FAIL!

After that we go watch Sherlock Holmes! OMG It's nice....Sherlock Holmes sure is smart...he is like..GENIUS! HAHA...after watching the movie we ate marrybrown together...and then my car is here...and I'm gone!

I wish theres more hang out activities actually...when I'm in Form 3...basically hang out alot with my friends but after moved to Form 4 it's hang outs..SAD D: But It's been an amusing day, Thanks my friends =)