Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google's 11th birthday =) New games :D

Well, Google! everyone knows about google right? one of the best search engines in the world have gone 11! Notice the google logo...Talk about google, its the best search engine I've ever came across, it is FAAST, because of its simple interface and well....the energy-consuming servers lol :). Well sometimes it does find some stupid informations though (its normal with search engines) and in average, I'll surf google for atleast 5 times a day! WEll I wish I can send them a birthday cake tho XD. Support google peoples!
Alright about new games, well recently there are a few games being released, Need For Speed Shift, Resident Evil 5 (The PC Version, not the console version which is released early this year), Arma 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and some others. Well I ended up buying Arma 2, its an awesome game, Its much...much harder than other shooters out there, its simulation, not just bang here bang there. And I downloaded Need For Speed Shift and Resident Evil 5. Well Need For Speed Shift, you can hate it or love it. It changes to semi-simulation racing genre, not like the crappy NFS Undercover (The Worst NFS) which focuses on Cop chases and stuffs, that doesnt work! after ProStreet is released peoples are blaming like they want Most Wanted stuffs back, so thats why Undercover came out, Story? just like Most Wanted except you are a Undercover cop, Cops? can't you call off a chase since you are a FBI/CIA or whatever it is? graphics in the other hand, Undercover sucked! bugs everywhere etc etc. Shift does the right job. They enhanced the physics correctly, they handle like cars (yes they handle just right, not like undercover which feels like a trolley/box), well the physics on a rear wheel drive car seems a lil bit wild though, a real life S2000 can turn corners nicely but in shift they tend to slide....well seems that they just want us to feel how a rear wheel drive car behave...the cockpit view is done nicely, the motion blur, depth of field, driver animations are absolutely staggering, Shift is the first circuit racing game that actually feel fun. Race Driver GRID's interior view felt....numb and boring. Shift's PC version does suffer from bugs, the keyboard input lag which needs to be set correctly unless you need to live with gamepad or steering wheel, low graphic option seems to crash on my PC (strage since medium and high settings work fine). Its a very nice game, nearly perfect but not well optimized.
Resident Evil 5. Well the PC Version does have some new features like Graphic filter (shader selection), DirectX 10 support, customizable costume and mouse support. (RE4 PC version doesnt support mouse aiming if im not mistaken). This time CAPCOM ported this game perfectly to the PC, i didnt suffer from bugs except sometimes it crashes in menus (maybe its my problem because if i use mousr all the way i dont get crashes). the gameplay is awesome, its like RE4, the story is nicely adapted, graphics are very nice, sounds are recorded or complied with no loss in quality. This game is optimized perfectly, I can run this game on all high settings with FPS of 30-40.
Arma 2 - 8/10
Need For Speed: Shift - 9/10
Resident Evil 5 - 9.5/10

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boom....GG, but fortunately they understand what I mean (I think)

I knew someday this wwill happen, I knew it! and It just happened...

Yesterday in tuition, WY and A lended my brother's phone to check out his pictures, lala...and finally...messages! When I saw the phone screen gone to messages...I was like O.O, hope they dont cause a misunderstanding....and yet they asked me about me and (this is kinda private because I dont wanna get flamed or get a larger misunderstanding) and I said we are just friends, well they dont believe...What to do? I dont know....I tried to explain but just doesnt work upon them...well they dont say anything at last but I just dont wish there are misunderstanding between me and TUUUT. Is there any problems using those languages (muacks stuffs)? Maybe just they felt sensitive I think la but oh well...I can't judge. So just wish they dont spread wrong things out....I heard there are peoples that got hurt when this kind of stuff happen so just....GOD! SAVE ME!

Oh yeah and May Bing wants to go to Kinabalu haha, well she is kinda serious about it =O, asked parents though, they allowed =D.....Promenade Hotel, a hotel that I recommend :D

I wish the trip come true though, I wanna go hunt for PC parts again :D

EDIT: To protect privacy, names are changed to short forms

Monday, September 7, 2009


here I'm annoucing my new GTAIV mod, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR! Release soon, pics? just wait :D

A horrible mistake in newspapers (Miri Daily)

MLRT? Wow! Michael Likes Rock Tour? Medium-sized LRT? and yet after MLRT they wrote Michael Learns To Rock? HAH? MLTR peoples! Oh yea thanks for the PC Gamer Brian! Or else I'll be bored till death today haha :D

Got my N73 back, N-GAGE all day long xD.....surprisingly 5320 runs better than N73 when it comes to asphalt4, nice :)