Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boom....GG, but fortunately they understand what I mean (I think)

I knew someday this wwill happen, I knew it! and It just happened...

Yesterday in tuition, WY and A lended my brother's phone to check out his pictures, lala...and finally...messages! When I saw the phone screen gone to messages...I was like O.O, hope they dont cause a misunderstanding....and yet they asked me about me and (this is kinda private because I dont wanna get flamed or get a larger misunderstanding) and I said we are just friends, well they dont believe...What to do? I dont know....I tried to explain but just doesnt work upon them...well they dont say anything at last but I just dont wish there are misunderstanding between me and TUUUT. Is there any problems using those languages (muacks stuffs)? Maybe just they felt sensitive I think la but oh well...I can't judge. So just wish they dont spread wrong things out....I heard there are peoples that got hurt when this kind of stuff happen so just....GOD! SAVE ME!

Oh yeah and May Bing wants to go to Kinabalu haha, well she is kinda serious about it =O, asked parents though, they allowed =D.....Promenade Hotel, a hotel that I recommend :D

I wish the trip come true though, I wanna go hunt for PC parts again :D

EDIT: To protect privacy, names are changed to short forms