Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I do yesterday when listening to a English song that is sang by a girl

Here's what I do:

A Nokia 5320 XpressMusic in my pocket
XpressMusic Headset Jack (Digital Sound Processing Required for Maximum Quality and the 5320 does have DSP)

Sony Ericsson Bass Reflex Headphones (from HBH-DS200 and equipped with cotton to increase clarity and bass)
I immediately pressed the play button on the side of the phone...and I got the music "Take me to the Heart" by Michael Learns to Rock. Its much more awesome then the one performing...Eric however is listening the performer but what he say is "does she know how to correctly spell english?" I know what y'all think, is Eric's english good? YES! his english level is totally same as me, we were competitors last year and he is awesome, although when he loses he will end up saying "aiya I just didn't took out my best, If I did you lost lorr~~" but hey, dont underestimate him...XD
That's all I can say, next post will be about Nokia Phones that is in my house and differences of N73, N73ME and 5320 Box =) Stay Tuned

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chung Hua concert =)

Let's be honest, concerts are just...concerts, the only difference is the arragements, the peoples performing and the venue they choose....Before I actually enter Indoor Stadium (Chung Hua chosen that place as concert venue, weird eh?), I was thinking that how they arrage the seats....I thought it will be like....peoples sitting around the stadium and half of them will have to watch the performers in sideways, but actually they end up in a smart move....they move the stage towards the front and they only allow peoples sitting on back and sides which makes that all people can see the performers

This is how the trip goes, because I ordered 2 tickets from Yin Wei because she is the closest I can get since others are lazy to help me get tickets....DOH! and after arriving at Indoor Stadium, my grandpa (driving the Honda City) and dropped me and my brother at somewhere near Staircase 4.....then I called Yin Wei (OMG IM SHY AT THAT TIME O.O) and I told her that i'm at the 4th Staircase....well what I do is....holding my wallet and wait at the wall behind staircase 4 (so when she comes down she can see me easily) well the funny thing is....she walked down...i saw her.....and she was wondering where am I..LOL then I walked infront of her....she gave me those tickets and I paid her (I can feel that she is shy XD since we didnt met for months since last year's reunion) and she walked away since she has choir and stuffs to prepare...and at this moment I received a call from Eric (Eric Chia, yep the guy which is uberly tall and a "abbassador" of Sony Ericsson) and he told me to wait...I waited for nearly 20 minutes and I can't take it anymore so I entered the venue....The Usher took me to the place that I "should sit" and...guess what...I'm W21 and they took me to Y21! LOL! Then I asked them (politely since they are girls XD (seems from transition-Form 2 somehow) and they are "PWNED" lol so what she do is she took me to the seat INFRONT of Y21 (W21) and I sitted there =) Yin Wei told me that I can't see her clearly...LOL! It's like...Nothing blocks me lol (since the Ushers are leaving at the time b4 choir performance)...Do y'all believe that I typed a Document when I was watching the concert performances? I exported them to my PC...

"just after negaraku, the 1st song 改变自己(GIRL VERSION) ruined my mood. They ruined one of the best songs existed in this world. Dr Paduka arrives, there are clapps welcoming him but on the right side is completely silent, lol...the kungfu is very cool compared to ours which is a complete junk. The body pop is nice, fits the music perfectly! The 1st boy seems cannot keep up tho. Audio setup is bad.. Singing is crap.The drums performance is very very good, my heart cant stop beating lol...."

the doc above is typed in my N73 since I was planning to make a blog post about the concert at that time but I stopped when Eric tell me to take a walk with him....When I got back, I was so lucky that the Choir is preparing, so I watched the whole performance, the comment from me is: "It's amazing, nice performance" The TeamWork upon them is very..very good. And I gotta love the Drama Part, the idea of make use of the LCDs for background is creative but its a lil bit small...(what do you expect? LOL)...I ddint hold up until the end, since If I;m not mistaken, it finishes at 11.30...i gone back home at 11...since my mom wants me and my brother to go home...


Pros: Performers are trying their best I can say since I WAS WATCHING XD
Cons: The 24节令鼓took too much time, the Audio Setup is CRAP, ruines the performances, and dont try to sing english songs next time If you dont even know how to speak the words correctly, Earth Hour?

Final Rating: 8/10 good

Oh yea and I forgot to mention that when Dr. (i forgot whats his name) is giving speech, the length is over their expectations...I'm guessing, maybe this is one of the reasons why it finishes so late

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just got my New LittleBigPlanet PS3 game! :D


After I booted up this game, i found the tutorial long and boring, but as soon as you get pass that, dman im in love with it already.....the physics all around the world is FANTASTIC, you need to think and overcome obstacles that get in your way...thats a good thing..and you can almost customize EVERYTHING on the can also making your own world and publish them to the internet and share with players around the can co-op up to 4 players to win a level...the graphics is amazing...the emos on the SackMan is incredible...i love it...playing battleship with friends is good fun....thats all i can say: "A Must Buy"
Pics of the cover:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Review: Race Driver GRID

this game reminds me of back days when i saw the 1st trailer and i'm waiting it....even b4 PMR i was thinking about this game.....Race Driver GRID.....this game is not just ordinary racing combines both Simulation and Arcade...Stuck between arcade and realistic....


Graphics: 8/10

Reasons why it doenst get a 9 is...too yellow-ish....and the motion blur is too much sometimes...bloom is unrealistic....but overall its looks good

Physics: 4/10

No...noo.....this made the game terrible...they tried to make it between simulation and arcade...but i gotta say..wayy too much arcade? when you try to drive the drift cars (and others) when you tap your keyboard..the car steers like a go kart with training wheels.....and when you brake...shift to 1st gear and try to accelerate......the tyre spins..when you just release the key and press doesnt...or you can try to shift up to 2nd gear....although the car is really high doenst spin anymore.....

Sound: 9/10

Very...very....good...sound....the sounds of wind, crowd, car engines, crashing sounds...very detailed and good...feels life-like..

Presentation: 7/10

The Menu is some sort of polished version of Colin Mcrae: mouse support on menu....this is not cool at all...and i hate those large words....can it be smaller?

Introduction: 10/10

The intro video is comes close as good as Forza 2's trailer...very nice indeed...i didnt get tired watching it =)

Screenshots coming soon =D

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hunting for used LittleBigPlanet PS3 Game

i know...i know...y'all probably think that a people like me will play games like LittleBigPlanet? but I gotta say that game PWNS!

G4 TV- A Must Buy
IGN- 9.5 out of 10 Editor's Choice
GamePro- 5 out of 5 Editor's Choice
GCA 08- Best Console Game
Nominated Best PLAYSTATION 3 Game
It's not just a game, you can create a game inside that game....a creative all-rounder...SACKMAN PWNS!

Here's the box ART..yep its high def :)

Video: LittleBigPlanet WELCOME TO MY WORLD!