Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 days in parkson

1st day, go to Parkson for Pizza Hut with my family...and hell the traffic is record? haha x)
2nd day, go to Parkson with friends! (Basically we meet up in Imperial 1st and then walk to Parkson) =D so 10.30, arrived at imperial, walk here and there with CKK and my bro and ended up looking for new headphones for iPhone..and then Lee Seng called...he arrived. So we ended up playing his DSLR and CKK's DSLR. (Canon 500D and Nikon D90) and have a drink at Blue Cafe! (It's like 1 year since last time we ate there, just go there for a lil bit of a flashback)

12:00-> WALK TO PARKSON! Well theres nothing interesting about the walking "trip" to Parkson because theres nothing special, no special cars, no girls (LOL :D) and straight after I arrived at Parkson, I straight go toilet. After that we bought tickets for Sherlock Holmes for 2.00. Well we still have more than a hour so we ended up going in a Cyber Cafe (fastnet, the cleanest Cyber Cafe I've ever seen? Because I've never been inside a Cyber Cafe because most of them have smokers inside which is BADD) and I'm going to explain what happened inside there...

Basically...When I sit down and is going to play a game, I double screen there...well opening Task MAnager wont work because they hid all those I'm basically..STUCK THERE! and I told the manager about it....he said change to another PC (he seems dont wanna care about me at all) well it doesnt work because the hanged PC is still there running...(The timer is still there) and I decided to take the main plug off (yes, I did it inside a open Cyber Cafe) then the account worked on the 2nd PC. WOO! But thats not all!

2nd PC story: Logged in, decided to play NFS Most Wanted, opened, up the graphics quality...and then I ended up driving already...BUT suddenly..the PC turns off..and when I touched the's hot! Overheated? YES....

3rd PC Story: Play CS with Lee Seng and CKK, hahahaah Lee Seng is PWNED xD!

Conclusion of the story of three PC in Fastnet ends up in two words: EPIC FAIL!

After that we go watch Sherlock Holmes! OMG It's nice....Sherlock Holmes sure is smart...he is like..GENIUS! HAHA...after watching the movie we ate marrybrown together...and then my car is here...and I'm gone!

I wish theres more hang out activities actually...when I'm in Form 3...basically hang out alot with my friends but after moved to Form 4 it's hang outs..SAD D: But It's been an amusing day, Thanks my friends =)