Thursday, December 31, 2009

iPhone life

Having a iPhone its have a phone combined with a iPod Touch! I just changed the SIM card to mine for a day because my phone battery has died yesterday (means now its charging) and guess what...although I'm a temporary user..somehow I felt like it's all about THIS:

Yeah its all about Applications and Games...
Endlessly playing games and listening to musics...facebook..messenger, ebuddy..e-mail...also addictive applications and softwares!

BUT! Remember my previous post about iPhone's disadvantages? Yeah it really exists! Short battery life...uncustomizable, non open-sourced really made me down on this phone...Except if you Jailbreak it...I Jailbroken the iPhone already....but it's just frustrating that you have to download almost everything on Cydia...

BTW Brian's mom just bought a N97 mini =O, oh man that thing is sexy...I wonder is it the Raoul's Edition? OMG =O