Friday, December 18, 2009

New PC...

Just got back my dad's PC from his and my bro were cleaning this "mess" up, backup...format....install Windows 7! Drivers..drivers....this PC doesnt even have Messenger installed haha....I havent downloaded it YET.
Here's the full spec list:

Intel Core i5 750
6GB DDR3 1066 (ValueRams...LOL)
Asus P7P55D Deluxe LGA1156 Motherboard
Asus HD4850 512MB DDR3 (Overclocked)
Galaxy 9800GT 1GB Lo-power Edition (as PhysX processor)
1x 1.0TB (1000GB) WD Caviar Black HDD
1x 1.0TB - WD Caviar Green HDD
Cooler Master CM690
Cooler Master Silent Pro M Series 850W Modular PSU
LG DVD+/-RW Lightscribe Drive
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Result: Blazingly Impressive =D, except for the 512MB 4850 though...because I'm now running a 1080p compatible monitor, so the texture quality cannot go further than medium...going to try using 9800GT as primary sometime =) I just bought 3 games...Ninja Blade, Colin Mcrae Dirt 2, Left 4 Dead probs running at ALL! the graphics settings are already all highest/max =D. But definitely a 1Gb card for next GPU for sure...because 1080 eats lots of vid. memory...

As back to my life, my cousin came to my house until 27 basically they are just entertaining me when I'm bored haha, BUT...they tend to play games more haha =D. My phone's battery is abnormal...(its bigger than usual size), so I decided not to use that phone temporarily and switch to iPhone 3G....I need someone to chat with me!! but my phone's credit are all out =(

That's all peoples =) peace out!