Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Theresa! Wish you have a nice day =) smile always. Birthday only happens once in a year so dont matter it's sad, happy, extraordinary, crazy etc etc...just make sure you have a nice day =D.

Birhdays...Alright let me think....basically...2 people's birthday but I forgot the other one, tomorrow it's MINE, YEAH MINE (So what? lol), and my bro (lol) and Hui Sie's birthday! The day after tomorrow it's Elaine's birthday! (yeah that lost girl which is not in Miri I GUESS) and December 7 is Kok Kwong's birthday! and then after that it's Brian's....then I think it will be...Samuel Tang's birthday! other than that I can't remember lol. (Tell me if I forgot yours :X)