Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OH well...

Urghh....This sucks, well my fever gone worse, body temp. rise...last night had a couple of medicines but didn't seem to work out..I AM SICK T.T

Well I'm still here typing for my daily entry HAHA :D. Now I've or INFECTED by Photoshop. Editing pictures is boring and tiring BUT when it produces the image that you desire or you've achieved what you wanted, the feeling of satisfaction is UNBEATABLE. I gotta love Saturation and Photo Filter =D

Birthday is coming, oh well it's going to be a lonely birthday, sure no ppl will pei me de...almost everytime is I pei ppl...not ppl pei me haha, maybe I'm just being too nice to peoples HAHA =) and I like it, seeing friends resurrect from a black mood until charming green mood, as a friend of theirs I felt good. So perhaps...Cinema like last time my friend said?(I dont think it will happen anymore tho)Fartini Restaurant? or...just Home Alone? Or another surprise like a Computer?(which is not gonna happen this time I think)

PS: My sister is now watching L4D2 videos, I asked her why dont you go play L4D? This PC has it then she said its not L4D2. Then I told her "You dont even wanna play L4D and you wanna play L4D2? are you crazy?" "*silence*"

If our brain can be reformatted like what HDD does and theres softwares like dictionary for our brain, isn't that perfect? I can't forget what you said, what you wrote, what you've done...