Friday, November 20, 2009


Today is my 2nd day in Kuching, nevertheless this town is....somehow...same as Miri. some landmarks indeed makes me thought I'm in Miri. LOL. Theres something I wanna comment about Kuching in traffic, that is:

1. There are lots of Toyota Camry.
2. There are lots of BMW 3-Series.
3. Peoples in here loves BMW.

Well assume that the hotel has weak wi-fi signal my brother hooked up his phone to this laptop and used it as a 3G modem. It worked very well, but I used the whole night and I only used....30MB out of 500MB limit! LOL. I'm planning on hacking my sis's phone in here but I cant since I'm having issues with 64bit. Day after day it's all....messaging..haha. Going to Spring Valley later, I heard that it has lots of awesome PC Stuffs =). Talking about PC Stuffs, in-fact I finally saw Sapphire 5870, and hot damn its a loong card haha :D, saw 5770 also. Also saw a Q9550 (IT COST RM 1050 !%*&^*&^@), and finally, in my eyes, saw the Intel board that needs 2 QX9775 processors :D. Spotted Kingston HyperXs too. Didn't see ANY Alienware atm :/ LOL. LG Crystal, It's niiiceee but my grandpa dont like it, he said transparent keypad seems a lil bit weird, true~ haha. N97 Mini Raoul Edition, X6...

It's boring staying in Hotel, REALLY. Your dun have credit lagi...haha...(You know who you are)