Monday, November 2, 2009

Issues with chocolates...'s another kinda random post that came to my mind after I bath =D. Last week I had sore throat, im lucky that my voice is still there because matters doesnt go as worse as I expected to be :D. So what makes me have sore throat? CHOCOLATES...Alright basically what I had is half bar of chocolate and THATS IT! and after few minutes my throat is starting to feel funny....and I drank alot of water because it feels...dry...yeah dry. And the next day...poom...sore throat. and what makes me felt funny is the problem is not chocolate...its the brand and make of the chocolate! I dont exactly remember what brand it is but after my sore throat is gone I bought 3...wait....4....4 Caltony Dairy Milk Chocolate (tube shaped). I ate ALL THOSE....and nothing happened to my throat...strange eh? Or it's that my throat is acting funny because its too happy to eat chocolate and loses control of itself? I DONT KNOW..

Alright back life that is...Today I had 3 tests...the number is nothing but the main point is what subjects am I having today? Sejarah.....English Composition....Moral. Woo..Sejarah (History)? GG...English Composition? EASY....Moral? GG...

I spent nearly 3 full day to memmorise the moral values but my mind just can't recall what I've read for the past 3 days...DAMN....The Sejarah in my case own problem of not doing enough revisions....because I'm sure that I saw the topics that it asks...and thats the part that I ignored...DAMN...

Despite on how I memorise the moral values yesterday night was kinda relaxing but still can feel the stress going on my mind though. Yesterday afternoon as soon as I got my CD-R I burned my downloaded Michael Jackson's This Is It Original Soundtrack to it..I even printed the original cover for collection. And I put it inside my PS3 and started to listen to the musics. I don't know why but the Orchestral Version of the song "This Is It" which is a very...relaxing music...feels better than any other songs inside =) The Legend Lives =D


Front Cover

Back Cover

It's just soo random :D