Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I watched that movie yesterday night, one word describes it all: EPIC. haha =). You will not feel that you wasted RM 10 for this movie, its all bows and wows when the movie is going on, people cheering, woo-ing in cinema, its just...epic. Probably the best movie of the year =). Gotta love the Bentley part haha:
Jackson: "IT WONT START!!"
Yuri: "Engine....Start"
*LCD shows the Bentley logo, engine started*
Cinema: "hahahahhahaha, *claps*

I nearly cried 2 times when watching the movie...SHHHH...Its just fantastic...and sad too =( but it has a happy ending so dont worry =D.

2012 apocalypse? Dont believe? Believe? Your choice =)

I will hate apocalypse in 2012 if it really happens...this is why:

1. I havent finish my studies
2. Cannot spend more time with family and girlfriend (LOL)
3. I havent driven an Evo YET!

Other ideas are in my mind, not going to write it haha =P