Friday, November 13, 2009

It's time for the week again...

Exams are OVER! yep finally I can just walk in my house and open games (its been months since I played a game except helping peoples to hack) and guess what...I'm lost...skills are lost, forgot controls....everything seems new to me now lol D: Modern Warfare 2 is out, I'm thinking of not downloading it anymore because it's...11GB. Well est. a 512KBps connection max sped is 65-70kbps. 100Mb needs half an when you sum up all...It atleast needs 4 days or something to complele. Going to buy this time...Operation Flashpoint 2 in another hand, is much better than ARMA II. Arma 2 runs laggy on my PC, and it doesnt look very good either, audio are crapped too. OFP2 done the audio correctly, default graphic settings runs fine for me without a single lag. BTW Thanks to Dom for lending me those games atm, I relaly need them, thanks =)

Now.....theres only SPM left, just gotta give them the best emotional support =). yesterday midnight just termenung xia already got ppl sien me edi. NEVER TERMENUNG AGAIN haha. Good luck studying peoples =).