Sunday, November 22, 2009 goes on

I'm typing this post in the midnight, I can't sleep, there are something bugging me the whole night! I can't even run right now, I'm now weak and tired, but I can't sleep.

Just back to Kuching, well as usual, home is the best for me (atleast for now) and let's summarize what I've bought in Kuching.1st day: DiGi reload card, 2nd day: Ferrero Rochers, Kinder and Denmark imported Coca-Cola. 3rd day: Ferrero Rochers, Ferrero Bxxx (same as Rochers but with dark chocolate and a higher price tag), Kinder. So basically what I've bought is just....chocolates to Miri. Well in-fact F.R. hasn't opened yet but the other one is finished thanks to mom and sister xD. Right after came back to home I started editing pics and found out that my gaming computer is having serious issues, a reformat is needed somehow =/. Nevermind though =). And basically, just photoshop..photoshop the whole way, just edited some pics only though and after that I lied down on a sofa and rest myself, at that time my mood ain't good, I dont know why but I just dont wanna talk to anyone, not even getting near at my PC at all, atleast I just reply messages and thats it...and time goes on until night, just watched My Sassy Girl (the American version) and it's a very nice movie, very touching...

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Now it's 11:26 and I can't sleep, my brother is already asleep but I can' I'm going to leave this laptop and go on bed and try to sleep...I dont know why, theres something bugging me...and I can't forget it.