Saturday, January 9, 2010

The most boring day of 2010?

First thing in the morning, help grandpa for deliveries...then eat breakfast...then go home and facing my PC...then facebook....then hotmail...then friendster...then hi5...then YouTube...then MetaCafe...then...then...I'm just so bored...really...I even turned off my phone! I'm just not in the mood of replying messages and stuffs...Just felt like throwing my phone away! Even looking at the list of games that I have in my PC I dont know what to play..

OH! and I connected my PS3...blah..drifted 1 lap in Suzuka and then back to boredom again..For the whole Afternoon until NOW....and probably for the whole day theres no one finding one talks to me! (well my mom does)..and AH..even theres chats it's also about computers =.=

In the evening however my mom wants to go out for dinner so I follow her, and we ate at Maha Lada (memang mahal ada la)...and then go to dad's shop....stayed there for half an hour...and then back to home AGAIN and HERE I AM!

FFS I'm just soo bored right now...I slept 3 times in this afternoon goddamn it!

Lack of games= ==
Brother and Sister away from Miri= alone in my room
No new chat windows= no people to talk to
No messages for days= Better just turn the phone off!
Blogger Feed= makes me sad?
New post= Nothing to write
Nothing to write= smash my head on my keyboard?

Alriiight...finally...I got something to say half an hour to play computer daily enough?
Answer from me? NO.

Turn on PC, turn on main power switch, wait for PC to boot takes nearly 2 minutes already
Go on facebook, check people's status, comments..upload pictures takes 10-15 minutes depend on your upload and how many comments you are going to type..
A lap on Nurburgring Nordscheilfe takes 8-9 minutes plus game loading time...
Chatting takes forever to finish?