Sunday, December 7, 2008

Joined PLAYSTATION HOME and PC Fair + Logitech Driving Force GT

Recently I'm just lucky to get an invitation to join Playstation HOME via e-mail, then I directly booted up my PS3, then enter the code, then I'm requested to update my firmware, I downloaded it through PC then update it through Storage Media, then I downloaded the application, it cost 77MB, then I got to the startup screen, after tons of connection error, I finally got in, built a new character, then run through the tutorial.......I met lots of friends, chatted with them using my keyboard, I had a great fun watching videos and play bowling and snooker with them, always LOSE coz I suck on we chat inside my house, enjoying city view...NICE.....I wish meeting friends is that easy in real-life....

PC FAIR!! I did took a visit on it...then I just wasting my time walking around and see whether there are beautiful girls, and also can find some PC parts that I need, at LAST! I bought nothing, got alot of brochures and books tho...even got Cooler Master Catalogue Book 2008 :D, I saw CM Aquagate Max there....Liquid Cooling System, I will buy that if I live in Gurun Sahara :P, who needs that? I saw my computer case selling there (Centurion 5), CM 690 NVidia Edition, CM690 etc etc, CM never dissapoints me :P, my brother bought a PenDrive, My friend bought an Pc home, Brian is going to buy Acer Aspire 6935 (i gotta say, its the best laptop there..) then finally, I got home...I was looking at MCL brochure, I saw the Logitech products, got G25....MOMO,, I love the looking of Drivign Force GT (DFGT), Simply magnificient! It cost RM 799, I can consider it.....Just the problems of parents......I wanted a Steering Wheel since I'm in primary six and till now I dont even got the chance to experience one....well only the wheels on arcade machines...they suck...BIG TIME.....Considering....Should I buy? or NO?