Monday, August 24, 2009

Colin Mcrae: Dirt 2 Demo

ahh I just downloaded the demo from PSN Store and decided to share my thoughts on it...

The game itself is awesome, Codemasters did it again, the menus are awesome and creative, very nice HDR effects and finally, nice 3d models :cool: and not to forget...Ken Block, Travis Pastrana and Tanner Foust are some of the AIs in the demo :D. Alright the demo come with 2 races, Baja and Trail Blazer....Trail Blazer is just simply a Time Attack...BUT with cars on the track when you are driving, in that race mode you are driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, when the countdown started, I switched to interior view and I was already amazed....and GO! start and I drove quickly and suddenly...BAMMM! crash! Sad isn't it? But I'm happy at that time because of the damage models...oh man they looked better tahn Grid ones (nice improve there) and the physics is just suitable for players...back then Dirt has some issues with the physics, the cars in the 1st dirt is way too easy to drive, too much grip on the tyres and the steering felt unnatural, now Dirt 2 fixed can turn a u turn by handbrake and drift through the corner nicely or drive nicely through it, the Particle Effects of the game is absolutely awesome! When you drive over a pile of water, the water splashes on your windshield, and the wiper helps to clean...its very nice since it's one of the "hazards" in rally, GTR2 and GTR Evolution rain particle is not realistic, you can drive on a track for 30 laps with no wipers yet you can still see the track nicely...the Baja however...showed how smart the AI are....its hard to overtake them, its also hard to block them...they are smart..not TOO smart but just OK level...oithers just download the demo or wait for the final game :D

rating: 9.5/10