Friday, August 7, 2009

Windows 7 Report UPDATE Pics

Thanks to my friend now I have Windows 7 RTM (Release to manufacture) version, which is kinda same as my Vista DVD (I got Vista before it's released) and I'm here to write a report on my experience on Windows 7 from yesterday.

Yesterday night i decided to install it to my PC and well the upgrade option doesnt work since I'm using the pre-release version (RC1) so I done a clean install on it. 1st time it failed becuase of my DVD-ROM. So I tried my 2nd DVD-ROM and it worked. Installed all and its working.

Suprisingly, This Windows came with all drivers that I need, Sounds, LAN, all type of drivers its installed. But I decided to update nForce and Geforce drivers and nFroce installed well but Geforce drivers stuck in the middle. I tried lots of times and other methods it just doesnt work. So I used Windows Update to update the driver, It worked! But until I found out that Physx doesnt work. So my bro did a reinstall again, and everything is working fine! the drivers can be installed, everything is working fine with no problems at ALL! and I didnt notice any lags when using explorer and I can feel a lil bit FPS boost in games when compared to Vista. The boot-up speed is also increased, and I didnt get a single not responding error until now, It's working fine =)

Apps. Tested:
NOTE- Games are tested without installation (backuped from pre-windows unless stated)
eVGA Precision - Working
Saints Row 2 - Working
ESET Smart Security - Working
Need For Speed: Undercover - Working
nVIDIA Control Panel - Working
nVIDIA GeoForms - Working
WinRAR - Working
Call Of Duty: World at War - Working
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Working
Bully: Scholarship Edition - Working
Ferrari Virtual Race - Working
K-Lite Codec Pack - Working
Orbit Downloader - Working
Fraps - Working
Gears Of War - Working
GTR Evolution - Working
Left 4 Dead - Working
Superstars V8 Racing - Working
Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Working
Battlefield 2 - Working
Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Working
Crysis - Working
Need For Speed: ProStreet - Working
The Sims 3 - Working (Reinstalled)
Guitar Hero 3 - Working (Reinstalled)
Street Racing Syndicate - Working
Nurien Tech Demo - Working
PCSX2 - Working
Star Tales Benchmark - Working
Volvo The Game - Working
Grand Theft Auto IV - Working
Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights - Working
Adobe Reader 9 - Working

Pidgin - Working
Thunder - Working
Total Video Converter - Working
Youtube Downloader HD - Working
UltraISO - Working

More app. report coming, stay tuned =D

Pics: Aero Enabled, every visual effect enabled