Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Oscar! :D

Today is our new head boy's birthday, Congrats DUDE! Just had a nice lunch at Pizza Hut with Oscar and other friends: Hua Yao, Jessica, Colin, Samuel Achi, Brian, Amindah, Sheau Per, Calvin and finally not in my friend list.....MY BRO! xD thanks to these peoples that made me had a great time with you peoples :D....Amindah spilled Orange Juice though...Unluckily..I KENA xD...but still you peoples are just lovely :) I've never had such a good time in this year. Oh yea and Kah Kiong what are you thinking? you arrived after we finished eating lol :X

And finally, OSCAR! you know what to do next week? perhaps help me buy a card?