Thursday, October 29, 2009

Timbaland feat. OneRepublic Apologize

Well this song is....kinda old, its a 2007 song. Anyways FYI its a remix, not an original song =). The original song is sang by OneRepublic themselves in 2006 in their band debut album Dreaming Out Loud. <- that music is the original one. It charted as top 100 all-time songs. But at that time it wasnt that popular at all until Timbaland offers a remix for this song and released in Timbaland's Album Shock Value. The remix of Apologize was highly successful, becoming Shock Value's third unofficial single. It gained significant airplay, contributing to the success of Apologize in the US and on the US airplay charts. The remix version also caused Apologize to enter the US R&B charts, debuting and #87 and rising to #60. It is included on bonus tracks of OneRepublic's studio debut album as well as a double-sided AB CD single and Timbaland's album. On iTunes, it is Timbaland's most popular track (currently), and has reached the top 30 most-downloaded. It is currently the best selling single of this decade just in front of Bleeding Love. The ballad remix of "Apologize"... "incorporates an unobtrusive Timbaland beat and some distant vocal accents.

In my opinion the beats of the original song and the remix version are all great, it fits the lyrics perfectly. I actually listens to this song atleast 5 times a week. The beats and drums, Ryan Tedder's vocal are just perfect. Well judging it's ranking its obvious :D. rumoured its album version? Its excellent! or maybe its the real original one? =O

Alright back to business, recently Im just having some exercises on Maths and Biology and today...Moral...since I can't really memmorise all 36 moral values i'll just try to memmorise what I can..Just trying my best on it :). And today I got hooked by new themes by Flahorn aka Mr S60, I installed his newest theme and 2 other themes that are rated as best on websites =). My N73 looks good with these themes. Gonna use theme schedule for different theme daily =D. Best of luck out there on exam =) SPM candidates JYJY =)