Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just another day in the school

Today I felt a lil bit different, because surprisingly I'm not tired the whole day. In the morning, turn on my phone and received a message, 5.50 in the morning! he/she must be crazy but thanks for sms-ing me at the morning and apuu-lak...suddenly found out that phone credit nearly finish! LOL! *need a DiGi no. soon*. In the school I felt a little bit unusual though, I kept doing Biology for almost the whole day! and ended up doing Maths at the afternoon and finally...some chit-chat with friends and the bell rang, then I'm gone! back to home, on my PC and started looking at notifications in facebook =) and here I am now =D, Calvin's PSP is in my hands at the moment, needs a Joystick mdule replacement and casing replacement, going to look for Piano Black ones, they looked very nice. Anyway I've been thinking about the past, things that I've missed, things that I've messed up before, Its kinda funny when the image of those messed up moments reappear on my mind, can't actually believed that I done those LOL! Drawing stuffs on friend's book, poke friends, etc etc. heh still can't get over it. I've been wondering about English oral...theres no...yes no oral tests going on in my class in this year! perhaps Mr.Johnne records them by daily class performance? that's gonna be better though =D missed those Oral assessment tests back then which I got As :O. I remember last year this happened:

Mdm. Bessie: Bing Yuan, Chu Kok Kwong and Lee Seng, its you people's turn now.
Lee Seng:******
Bing Yuan: Man this Alienware rocks, look at the specs man! *talks to friend*
CKK: Bing Yuan ah! our turn liao! What to do?
Lee Seng: Oh! how about those alienware computers?
Bing Yuan: that works, but we need a plan now...
CKK: aww..
Bing Yuan: how about...just say what we do everytime, just that we are promoters that is..
Lee Seng: walau......hard woh..
CKK: aiyah, just go up lah, no nid care de!
*walked to infront of the class*
Bing Yuan: here we go...alright..teacher can we start now?
Mdm. Bessie: Yep.
CKK: !@#$%^&*&^%$#!@#$%^
Lee Seng: !@#$%^&*&^%$#$%^&
Bing Yuan: *^$$%^&*($
*the oral goes on smoothly somehow*
Mdm. Bessie: Oh I see, so these are the computers that you peoples are talking about, how much is it?
Bing Yuan: cheapest from RM 7000-8000
Mdm. Bessie: woah, why it's so expensive?
CKK: Because its targeted for hardcore gamers and consumers, not for casual computers users, plus these computers are not available in Malaysia.
Mdm. Bessie: Impressive, so when I want one of those I need to import it?
3 of Us: Definitely.
Mdm. Bessie: Alright thats the end of your oral test, you can back to your seat now, thank you.
*walking back to our seat*
*took a sneak peek on results*
Bing Yuan: *makes a sign of showing "A"
Lee Seng and CKK: YES!

ahaha, that moment is one of the best moments in my life......can't actually believe that we can get an A for that without any preparation :D

here's another solo oral test moment last year, it happened when I walked back from KH lab after I made the project (the electric board)

Bessie: Bing Yuan, there you are ! its your turn now...
Bing Yuan: AH! can you give me a minute ot two, I need some preparations.
Bessie: Okay, XXXX your turn
Bing Yuan: What am I gonna write? I have no ideas at all!!
CKK: LFS drifting....sideways...woo *talking to me about LFS*
Bing Yuan: AH! Alright I'll write about drifting then.
CKK: What? Are you serious??
Bing Yuan: I'll see how it goes....Just wish me luck then *writes a short essay about "my first drifting experience" *
Bing Yuan: alright teacher, can I present now?
Bessie: suit yourself, but are you prepared? you looked rushed
Bing Yuan: Nevermind, I'll just present it

* presentation goes on* *bessie asks questions* *she writes the results on my folder*
Bessie: there you go, I liked your presentation, you spoke it in your way, not following the words in this esay that you wrote in here..
Bing Yuan: well memorising those words in 3 minutes is just impossible for me, so that's the only way. Thank you teacher.
*go back to seat, looked at results, said "wooh!"
CKK: what result you got? *looked* what the hell! You got an A for a presentation that is not even prepared correctly!
Bing Yuan: Oh well....xD

Those are good times!

Gotta run now, peace =D