Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tests and...things about my PC

soo Semester Test has begun...nothing special except you get a new place, no bags in your sight and no pencilcase and professional-looking test papers...oh well since yesterday until now I finished Moral, and 3 BM tests (all writing) and its pissing me off already..=/ I just love when back then we have objective questions which if we dont understand just SHOOT but now..all writing. I dont know but I felt weird when I write BM..I just don't get used to write BM composition..I can't believe that I can't think a single word called TINGGI dammit...but oh well thanks to JJJ =) but overall its okay...Tomorrow? Chinese...yeaahhh screw it...I HATE CHINESE...ENGLISH FTW! And that's all for today's (TESTS) topic

Now move on to my PC...

Oh well as y'all readers can see that recently my PC's mainboard just gone failure (no display in 1st PCI-Express Slot) so my dad advised me to take out the mainboard and go claim warranty from IT Computer (I was happy that it's not bought from IT Superstore since they dont give a damn about warranties) so according to my brother...he gave it to David and my brother briefly explained the problem and then it goes to them for the just wait =)

And the happy thing is my grandpa is there and after my bro told him about my Computer Case problem (it's a OEM Compaq Case, 6 years old..I dont really feel happy because my mainboard is a ATX mainboard and the prev. is M-ATx which is smaller and we are forced to EXCHANGE the case with my other PC which is OLD and slow...but now it receives a Cooler Master Centurion 590 Case) and my grandpa agreed to buy Cooler Master Centurion 5 (with transparent side) ATX case..but only after when the mainboard is back...ahh I'm happy...Now I can install more CCFLS and LED fans on it (Cooler Master/Zalman ONLY!)

It's a good news =) Next Aim? Core 2 Extreme or probably Quad =P plus DDR2-800s