Saturday, May 9, 2009

School Day postponed...again to 15/5 and LFS Drift Video+Diary

Horrible exam this?? Mr. Richard announced that they postponed the school day to 15...theres something that bugs me...15? I mean...who the hell has the mood to play and have fun at 15 since the week after that we are having exams...WTF? That made me unhappy since having fun at 15 is just a nono....but still...atleast they didnt cancel it...If they cancel it I'll just slam their head on their office desk...anyway...Happy Belated (VERY LATE) birthday to Lu See and Mei Ing...and probably others??

My first upload to blogger...I uploaded videos before to youtube but I dont really want to show them here lol :X

How was it? I messed up 2 corners I think....I was a lil bit nervous when I'm recording...Comment on and easy =)

Yesterday I went to parkson....donuts? no...since I ate it last week...and this week rather than Marrybrown and Big Apple Donut...I decided to "suicide" a little bit...Starbucks Coffee...yeap..So I went there with my brother without mom's permission since we know that if we ask for mom's permission...the answer will be no..eheh...xD...So we ordered 2 Ice Blended we stay inside the shop and drinking the espresso and the feeling is superb...Staying at a quiet room with air conditioner and Coffee Bean's smell drinking coffee is pure relaxing...I love that place...Because we ordered Venti size (tallest) so after drinking it we are full we went back to parkson and hunt for mom....after telling her about what we bought she was speechless.....24 ringgit on 2 coffees? CRAZY...So after my mom bought clothes we went home...

Just wonder when I can go back to Starbucks and have coffees...


Angie said...

LOL man, you messed up 2 or three turns, but then at the last round you messed up your balance big time. Although I'm not afraid to admit, you're way better than I am...Your turns were beautiful! Well, I have played a racing game on the PC, other than that I haven't bought any racing games for my xbox.

And, as always, I'm going to comment on the graphics again....

If it weren't for the word "Steve" on the top, it'd look 99% real, and if it weren't the movement of the car being so smooth. I still think the road needs to be rougher. Then again, it might be different if I actually saw you play it instead of watching this uploaded version.

Good job!