Friday, May 15, 2009

School Day and Problems regarding my PC

Just got back from school.....awww yeah air-cond! I LOVE U! It's damn hot in school....especially when we are in hall..guess what? its so hot but the fans in the hall are all CLOSED! =.=

We are NOT having any class party....we are NOT having events today..just like...a normal day but no teacher teaching, less students, and fancy looking students and phones are allowed..thats all nothing special....but oh well...someone made jellies tasted awesome and yet...looked awesome...almost all the time I was wasting my time on Calvin's HTC Wizard or my N73.....if its not movie-playing...then its games...Calvin brought his Digital-DSLR (stuck in between) camera...I gotta admit...DSLR LENS ARE AWESOME compared to...phones...except Carl Zeiss ones though...

Calvin visited my class and watching anime using his just playing Resident Evil: Degeneration in my N73 (N-GAGE platform) all day long..XD soo times passes by...Jamie entered our class and other "visitors" also appeared in my class...and time flies by AGAIN...and I gone photo-taking with my "Secondary Gang"..we posed like....weird? :O

Special Thanks to: MY Sony Ericsson Bass Reflex Headphones...It helped me to cover loud and annoying noises in class and hall =) and...BASS! XD Bass Reflex + Optimized Equalizer settings in N73/5320=PWNAGE!!


Talking about...PC

my PC gone FAILURE last thursday...this is "how" it fails..

Playing Live For Speed with Calvin Chu after school...before study...drift...drift...drift and I felt tired and decided to go to pit...pitted...and suddenly my mouse pointer hanged! and I tried to press Numlock and it works! but after 2-3 seconds it hangs :O...then I force turning off my PC and decided to have my brother to take a look...and after several attempts..the PC still fails...and my brother decided to hear the voices of hardware to decide which hardware fails...and miserably...the graphics card! and he tried to NOT installing the graphics card...and the sounds are fine..and my bro is like O.O and he installed the graphics card (forgot to mention X1950PRO) to 2nd slot and it WORKED...the PC started...but theres something bugging me...

since my motherboard supports SLI which can install 2 graphics card (for nVIDIA) and my 1st slot failed....

1st slot: 16x
2nd slot: 4x

WHHHHAAAAAAATTTTT? square root of the performance I got in previous??

LFS FPS before fails: 130-150FPS
LFS FPS in 2nd slot PCI-Express: 30-40FPS


and today I decided to try Sims 2 running on 4x....hey it worked in the menus all are smooth...all until I entered my brother's house lags miserably! after a few zoom-in and outs suddenly..BLACK resetted! LOL!

repair my motherboard? NO thats just plain dumb...upgrade PC? NO thats just going to continue my pentium dual core a new one? HELL YES! why not quad-core and a ATI 4850?