Monday, September 29, 2008

Reviving my lovely PS2

Recently my ps2's laser lens is going wrong and now games are lagging, jam, hang or shits. This makes me gone real mad for a few months, and i found a tip using USBExtreme and USBAdvance to play PS2 games via USB HDD, and i'm real interested and i tried a couple of games: Gran Turismo 3. Gran Turismo 4, Burnout Dominator, Enthusia etc....Thanks to those softwares now I can play my PS2 (although USB 1.1 sucks, but the gameplay are smooth with no lags, only videos lag abit which is very nice) and I'm planning to buy another 160GB Portable HDD, it will be WD Passport since it looked nice xD, my 1st WD Passport is not used in PS2 since my bro installed Windows XP on it for my grandpa to switch windows whenever he can easily in laptop (TX1032AU)....

Cheers! Playing The Sims 2 PS2 xP!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

UEC Trial Finished.....PMR Trial coming

I just completed UEC Trial in school, kinda hard though, especially maths, i think I'm going to fail in it.....English, freakin' easy, BM its ok, CHn oso sure fail, others its ok...english is just a piece of CAKE lol.....I'm now thinking of my future life in Aus or Malaysia, but sure its getting more hard in campus so I need to keep up in maths, damn math are hard....

Sets, Simultaneous Linear Equation, Graph Functions, Surds, Cummulative frequency, Trigonometry, sin cos tan @.@

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GTR Evolution

Recently I downloaded Simbin's new racing simulation game, i played Simbin's GTR, GTR2, RACE, only theres no chance to play RACE07 since I dont wanna waste money on it, so I saw this GTR Evolution and its quite interesting, so I bet on luck on BitComet (Modded for Streamyx users), and it got around 62KBPS, its a good speed for me, so I waited...for 3 days then it completed, after install, I saw the EXE Named "Race07", WTF am I blind, I downloaded RACE07 not GTR Evolution, so I searched on net and I found that GTREvo is RACE07's expansion pack which also can be bought standalone, so I run the game with excitement (1440x900 32 bit, No AA) and damn.....WOW, i setted the graphics to high-max and I tried my luck on it, yeah a few lags though in raining (those reflective roads and windshield water droplets eats your processor lol) and I tried to set it to Medium-high, and It worked without lags, NICE

Which makes me feel intense about this game is it's physics, and car selection. I played alot of Simulation racers like Live For Speed, Forza, Forza2, Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 5P, and i gotta admit, this is the best physics so far in a game (Live For Speed is also one of them), the car turns hardly into a corner, you will feel understeer, and if you drive a M3 GTR in a corner in full acceleration, you will probably end up in grass or walls. Interior view makes the game more realistic as it does, the animations are great, realistic. I can see the MoTec meter, Sparco seatbelts, Sequential shifter, rollcage, carbon fiber parts and so on....which is real in a GT Race Car. About the car selection, its one of the best, not to compare with Gran Turismo Series (they got TONS OF CARS LOL), it have cars from WTCC07, WTCC06, Formula BMW FB06, LeMans cars, GT Race Cars, Caterhams, CSRs, cars from Touring Car Championship, and there are concept cars too, they are inspired by WTCC cars which have 600BHP, WideBodykit etc. and mostly they added City cars on it, Audi R8, Dodge Viper, etc.

The Tracks, where your car live in corners and end up in straightline and so for....they got all the circuits which is in WTCC Series, and some extra tracks like Monza Beginner, and tons...They included the Nordschleife in it, that track never appeared in a game in PC (not to mention about the consoles, Gran Turismo does)....Simbin done that track and its accuracy is about 90% same as the real track, which is awesomely done.....

the bad thing about this game is....the graphics....This game got alot of high resolution textures in it, those things like Trees textures, road...they are nice but about the details on the GRASS....they are purely flat and low-res, it feels like its from the old GTR2, nothing new...and about the Shaders of this game, it does have DX9 support, but they doesnt seem they unleashed it, no bloom (HDR in DX10), motion blur, Depth of field, Occlusions....adding DX10 support is quite a nice idea from me since you can get HDR which is alot more realostic than lighter bloom.So when I quitted this game in the first time, I got to Boris's Website (enbseries) and downloaded it's modification 0.075 (no bump mapping version) and I disabled unsupported plugins, only enabled Bloom, I tweaked them to 10-12 to make them realistic (not quite since atleast there are bloom its more cool)....and I tested in game, they worked! So now I'm sticking with these settings, love them xD

What im going to say about this game is....its not for pussies that play Initial D around those arcades, shifting their gear easily and turn a u-turn without braking etc, its for serious drivers who really admit racing and love simulation, enjoys the realistic feeling when cornered, those G-force turning in....

These are the Comparison shots from GTR Evolution with enbseries ON and OFF:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Many friends started to create blogspot? they hate MSN Spaces?

LEt's be honest, I saw many of my friends opened their own blog in blogger, idk whether they will keep them updated, this is my 2nd post lol......Why? I'm busy these days, flying around with those mathematics papers to get them atleast a B or A and Science too......

Do my friends hate MSN Spaces?
Honestly I hate MSN Spaces though, the interface is wildly good, nice design, but because of these designs so it's not 56k friendly and slow internet connection users, when I face slow connection, I'm mad whenever i opened my IE and go to MSN Spaces, Blogger takes abit time cause of its simple and sleek design friendly for all internet users. And another point is MSN Space got a looooong link Eg. ......THATS DAMN LONG lol, and blogger just have our Blog Name infront which is much easier, and Picture Uploading is much better too, and Self-Customized Personalization which makes your blog looks unique, BUT BE HONEST I LOVE THE OLD BLOGGER which you can cuztomize the codes yourself easier and more options too.

PMR is only left 20 days to go, I'm having my intensive study now everyday in school or in tuition, I felt my Math improved much but idk to Sejarah and Geography, they are hard to understand though.

About English, not a hard thing for me though. Maintained the Results to 78-90 for three years, I wish in PMR then english subject is not hard at all....After PMR its my TIME, I MEAN MY OWN TIME, playing PS3, Computers, Listening to Musics via handphone (Nokia N96&W660i) is much better then now, only 20 days, not hard, so I'll keep study till the day comes to my life.

Be Seeing y'all