Thursday, September 11, 2008

Many friends started to create blogspot? they hate MSN Spaces?

LEt's be honest, I saw many of my friends opened their own blog in blogger, idk whether they will keep them updated, this is my 2nd post lol......Why? I'm busy these days, flying around with those mathematics papers to get them atleast a B or A and Science too......

Do my friends hate MSN Spaces?
Honestly I hate MSN Spaces though, the interface is wildly good, nice design, but because of these designs so it's not 56k friendly and slow internet connection users, when I face slow connection, I'm mad whenever i opened my IE and go to MSN Spaces, Blogger takes abit time cause of its simple and sleek design friendly for all internet users. And another point is MSN Space got a looooong link Eg. ......THATS DAMN LONG lol, and blogger just have our Blog Name infront which is much easier, and Picture Uploading is much better too, and Self-Customized Personalization which makes your blog looks unique, BUT BE HONEST I LOVE THE OLD BLOGGER which you can cuztomize the codes yourself easier and more options too.

PMR is only left 20 days to go, I'm having my intensive study now everyday in school or in tuition, I felt my Math improved much but idk to Sejarah and Geography, they are hard to understand though.

About English, not a hard thing for me though. Maintained the Results to 78-90 for three years, I wish in PMR then english subject is not hard at all....After PMR its my TIME, I MEAN MY OWN TIME, playing PS3, Computers, Listening to Musics via handphone (Nokia N96&W660i) is much better then now, only 20 days, not hard, so I'll keep study till the day comes to my life.

Be Seeing y'all