Monday, September 29, 2008

Reviving my lovely PS2

Recently my ps2's laser lens is going wrong and now games are lagging, jam, hang or shits. This makes me gone real mad for a few months, and i found a tip using USBExtreme and USBAdvance to play PS2 games via USB HDD, and i'm real interested and i tried a couple of games: Gran Turismo 3. Gran Turismo 4, Burnout Dominator, Enthusia etc....Thanks to those softwares now I can play my PS2 (although USB 1.1 sucks, but the gameplay are smooth with no lags, only videos lag abit which is very nice) and I'm planning to buy another 160GB Portable HDD, it will be WD Passport since it looked nice xD, my 1st WD Passport is not used in PS2 since my bro installed Windows XP on it for my grandpa to switch windows whenever he can easily in laptop (TX1032AU)....

Cheers! Playing The Sims 2 PS2 xP!!