Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Oscar! :D

Today is our new head boy's birthday, Congrats DUDE! Just had a nice lunch at Pizza Hut with Oscar and other friends: Hua Yao, Jessica, Colin, Samuel Achi, Brian, Amindah, Sheau Per, Calvin and finally not in my friend list.....MY BRO! xD thanks to these peoples that made me had a great time with you peoples :D....Amindah spilled Orange Juice though...Unluckily..I KENA xD...but still you peoples are just lovely :) I've never had such a good time in this year. Oh yea and Kah Kiong what are you thinking? you arrived after we finished eating lol :X

And finally, OSCAR! you know what to do next week? perhaps help me buy a card?

Friday, July 17, 2009


UPDATE 1.1 changelog:

carcols no need to be changed, the car will always be spawned as white, front indicators are working, some uv mapping fix on bonnet, texture fix on some parts of the car.


for peoples who asked about the rim issue, I tried to fix it but theres NO BUMPMAP texture for the rim in Pro Street's model....and I think the rims look I'll leave it there

The Rig That I'm Using :D


Before the rig is ready:

That's my bro, I was too bored and decided to take pics...
Pics now:
I know...the Core 2 Extreme logo..But BLACK really fits more! It's a brilliant idea!
1. Change the UV VIZO fan to CM black label series fan (blue)
2. Exchange the 9800GT with my cousin...(thanks) which is because I want to OC more..and my cousin dont do OCs...
3. Black Interior (CM690 PURE)
4. 1TB HDD or MORE :D
5. Change processor to Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme

Saturday, July 11, 2009

my first mod for GTAIV :D

Yes, it's IV, not San Andreas...Few days ago I just got my hands on the latest Zmodeler with GTAIV export filter Beta, then I started working on R35.....but it just doenst work but after a few attempts it started to I've worked on that car almost 2 hours a day (Study T_T) and now this is the near final product :D
Let's bring GTAIV modding to life =D
Est. Release: Sunday/Monday

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Modding....Let the pictures talk first =)

Yep, the R34 from the new Fast and Furious....still progressing though...the interior needs some work.....the front took me xD
and NEWS....recently read a mag and the xbox 360 is still suffering RROD issues in Jasper Models....damn....but the new Vandalla is coming though....let see if they fix the problems....thats why I dont buy a 360.... .__________.
Anyone has The Godfather II? I wanna hear more about the gameplay....going to buy Street Fighter 4 PC soon...xD PS3? I'll just wait for GT5 thats it =P