Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reasons why you shouldn't buy a iPhone

First thing first, my dad owns a iPhone so dont call me a fanboy or whatever it is...I like iPhone but it's just something that made me think that Apple's 1st phone is NOT a good approach. It does have cool feature and nice-looking UI but it lost some important features of what a phone should have.

1. It's locked by default unless you buy from Maxis or other providers and includes data plan which will cost you more.

2. If you want the 2G model, think about it....when you think EDGE and 3G sucks this time, what if you ARE NOT in a wi-fi zone? you probably will get pwned by those low cost phones which doesnt have Wi-fi and has 3G.

3. Full touch interface. iPhone got a very poor reception on Asia Countries, because of it's non-stylus interface. Well I do admit touching using fingers are much cooler but when it comes to handwriting....it sucks. I tried using toothpick to write and the screen wont recognize the toothpick at all? now that's sad.

4. iTunes 4 Life. Well, if you want to manage files, delete contacts, add music, delete files, move, copy or paste files, it's ALL iTunes's work. This phone doesnt come with a.....File Manager. Even a goddamn 5300 and low-cost phones has that shit.

5. No Keyboard. Well IMO not having keyboards on a phone that is amazing like iPhone doesnt come with keys!? the on-screen QWERTY is sad (believe me, I tried it before) and when it comes to gaming, playing a game with touchscreen is not the way to get good results. One of the examples are when playing Java Games. Nokia has a virtual keypad on the bottom of the screen but that is also...not really good when playing games.

6. Jailbreak or Locked. Well IF you buy iPhone before Maxis brings it in, 100% your iPhone is Jailbreaked. Which cause-> Warranty Void.

7. Camera. iPhones comes with a 2.0MP Camera with NO Flash, No AutoFocus, No Red Eye Reduction and worst....NO Video Recording. damn even a K750i can record a video...

8. Jailbreaked iPhone->NOT STABLE......Well my dad has infact....2 iPhones and I saw he face software problems...wi-fi cannot activate....lalal.....that is SAD

9. The Cost. Now Maxis offers iPhone in a price of 2.5k+ WITHOUT DATA PLAN, you can buy a iPhone in local stores (Jailbreaked) in....1.6-2k. Well it's only the phone, If you want accesories (headphones, stuffs) ADD $$....S.A.D. can't they just COME with the phone?

10. Can't be a 3G Modem, almost every phone out there can be hooked to a laptop and act as a GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA modem. Not true for the iPhone, and probably iPhone 3G as well. If you want to surf with your laptop in a non-WiFi area, better carry a 3G modem with you, or you're out of luck.

11. you CANT send files over using Bluetooth. HAH? and no Bluetooth Syncing with PC too, even a MAC.

If you want an alternative, why dont you peoples hunt for HTC Touch Pro 2? or HTC Touch Diamond 2? Nokia N97? Google Android? Samsung Omnia HD? and some other phones which is infact has done correctly?

Recently I'm told that theres 3.0 firmware for iPhone. I checked it out, what it does is..faster speed, can cut and paste texts (LOL), video recording, can be a modem..and still...no....PC...synchronization...

Oh yea and talking about the announced iPhone 3G S. Well an S menas that theres 3.2 Megapixels Camera with auto-focus and..no flash. faster processor others are not important though...