Monday, June 15, 2009

Computer Revived, New Setup, New Windows and FASTER rawr

Last week my PC died...and I waited like days for my parents to take me to Boulevard to see PC Parts....then I saw 2 new CM 690 cases...(not unboxed yet) so I checked one of them and I bought it for RM 319. I'm impressed straight after seeing the case. After got back to home...well my brother started to mess with the case and install hard disks and stuffs inside it first....well the motherboard is BLOWN XD. And after days again....I bought P5N-D....based on nForce 750i...thats a board that I'm looking for like months. Well I bought it from Techkie House for 450. Thats a hell of a good board. Overclock! xD and my brother installed the motherboard into the case and WE THOUGHT the Pc should start fine. But after installing it, we found that theres no display...dang then we confirmed that it's Graphics Card's problem....well my X1950 just gone =/ then the next day before going to a wedding ceremony....I and my bro went to IT Computer (not that shitty Superstore laaaaaahh...) and we bought a 9800GT (Low-power edition) which doesnt need 6-pin connector from power supply and its only downclocked 50MHz which is TINY lol. then after went back home, installed the graphics card...then we waited for the next day to format the PC...Ahh well now I'm using Windows 7 RC1 (build 7100). The happiest part is overclock! I managed to overclock my E2160 (Stock clock: 1.8GHz) to 3.0GHz with 1333FSB and 1.5V (Stock Voltage). Thinking of going to 3.2GHz but I just dont wanna try Windows 7 rating on my processor just shoots up from 5.5 to 6.3 LOL....thats a E8400 XD. And I also downloaded eVGA Precision Tweaking Utility for overclocking my Graphics Card. Ahh well at first I managed to Clock it to 600MHz which is the Original Clock of a 9800GT but I gone further.....650MHz and its running 42 degree to 55 degree. not bad for a start xD. Need For Speed Undercover FPS shoots up from 65 to thats HUGE =)

now Pictures: =)
Spec Sheet
CPU-Z readings
GPU-Z Readings

eVGA Precision Tweaking Utility (screen shows when I use 620MHz setup)
That's all!


Ken said...

what cpu cooler did you use? what's your full load reading @3.0Ghz?
i OC my C2D only extra 30Mhz FSB already rise 10c..