Friday, February 13, 2009

Burnout Paradise

Just got my copy of Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box =) Thx Keddy

Review by myself:
Good: Solid racing, superb detailing crashes and amazing graphics and very good FPS, Amazing Online and Offline racing, a B.I.G. world to explore
Bad: Very...very.....i mean very....extreme AI..... (its kinda good coz its burnout!)
When I got my hands on this game, I directly install it and fire it up.....After seeing those annoying videos b4 the menu screen, and directly Enter Paradise City....then the instructor said about the 1st car and blah....then...go to repair shop so our car can get fixed...and I got into the first race, its kinda like a Time Trial so I won it easily.....and I entered Road Rage and start smashing peoples, damn I love how those AI reacts when Road Rage...smashing me to walls and smash back them, drive them into a truck or somehow (Gas tank?) and BOOM! explode....and I won that event again....and I drive around the whole city and try to smash up things...smashed billboards, fences...heheh....and I quit the game and start doing things that I should do...CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE GAME LOL!
Screenshots if anyone wants it:
Drifting in an alley....dont try this in real life! Professional Driver on a closed course..
Dont try this! Drifting on a Highway corner
When you car is wrecked??
Be honest, I've played this game on PS3, but for no reason I play PC version atm, because maybe I can share with other peoples, lending them...
I rate this game......9.5/10
0.5....well there are no pedestrians