Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Day of Exam

Woot! Finally it arrives! After i got to school, I saw many students and friends are sitting on canteen's chair and Study Komsas and stuffs. This is how it goes:
ME: Erm why y'all are sitting here, cannot enter the classroom now?
ERIC: Yeah, F*** them....Here is HOT
ME: (put down my bag on the table) Lets study!
After study for awhile, Brian arrives (Renowned Dr.Wong's son)
ME: Oh Hi!
BRIAN: Here's my book
ME: What the hell.....PC GAMER MAG?
ERIC: Oh I'm lazy now, Brian you got more?
BRIAN: Yeah, here take em'
Then Eric started to see the mag and I'm still studying with my friends (Chit Hsien, Lee Seng, Kok Kwong, Teck Foo, etc...)

After the Alarm comes, we all go to our class and receive our Question sheet....We wait till the exam starts...Then the alarm comes again...LOL The whole class is in quiet state and then a ALARM RINGS....LMAO
When I was doing my sheet, man they are alot of Bs and Cs.....only plenty of D and A.....
After it finishes and we go to canteen and study for Paper 2, LOL the whole canteen is filled with people eat foods and I'm the only one who drink soft drinks xD...7UP *gulp*And about 80% of people said that the sheet is hard...yeah its also hard for me...even the peoples in A class said its is hard
*RING* Paper 2 starts
This sheet is quite easy lol...easy as hell...Later Tempat in Bahagian D xD...ITS SAME AS OUR TRIAL EXAM! So its quite easy...And we left the school

I wish tomorrow's English will be easy, Englihs have been the easiest shit for me since Primary 5 lol....