Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally, it Arrived!

Finally my PS3 Arrived! woot, I waited this or about one year since my parents wont let me buy it before PMR, im happy that they dont break the promise..Ahh need to save up money to buy Blu-rays! This Console is just WOW, the graphics quality of GT5Prologue is just amazing, i dont even know that a SDTV will produce such nice quality, nice and sleek! N I C E

Need recommendation of my games for PS3:
Battlefield Bad Company (this is freaking hilarious, tried the demo, just awesome)
Burnout Paradise (Burnout in Free-roam, WOW)
Midnight Club Los Angeles (saw the trailers, impressive, best MC there!)
Dynasty Warriors 6 (maybe i'll get this one first since my sister wanted it)
Ridge Racer 7 (Tried the Demo, nice Physics, arcadey and FUN)
Motorstorm (Tried the demo with Motion Sensing, the AIs in this game is smart as HELL, I love the demo)
Grand Theft Auto IV (Welcome to the city full of Liberty, Coming to PC next month though...I'll get this if I ave chance)
Saints Row 2 (saw the game playing in Xbox360, nice)

lot more....