Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why, How, Where I use my Nseries

First thing in the morning, buy a 1day pass from Maxis. and check facebook for friend requests and status, make some comments. After checking facebook I'll go through my e-mail to check if there's any new mails that needs replying and attention. (All done on bed) After that I'll go jogging, slide out camera's cover, capture nice dawn landscapes! Share what you see.

Shopping..Slide camera's cover, capture some products that friends/self interested...If some friends wants you to help purchasing something, video call them through 3G and let them make their choice =D. Also...capture memorable moments that inspires you to turn on your camera. Met friends, lets take a picture! After you finished taking pictures..You can either Store them on your memory card/phone memory, or Upload via Flickr or Facebook through 3G/Wi-Fi. When you are bored, sit down and watch some videos through Youtube. Videonlineverywhere

In a party...Capture every random and sweet moments that you can only encounter once in a lifetime...Let it be group photo or doesnt matter :) Capture videos of friends "bullying", playing computer games etc...etc...Also can have fun with friends by playing games together in N-GAGE by connecting to N-GAGE arena or through Wi-Fi. Videos taken can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, VOX...etc...And share the pictures you took on your phone by TV-OUT your phone and share the pictures in a big screen, and also watch videos too =D Now everything joins up

On the streets, open Nokia Maps/Garmin XT...find your way to the location you desire with in-built GPS, discover new places, discover new peoples. Update your facebook status whenever you want, check is there any events, send friends emails about new places...Discover, capture and share your stories

Treat it as your journal, capture every single memorable moment, and upload them to photo sharing sites like Flickr in just clicks! Update your facebook status whenever you like, tweet! listen to musics, download music from Nokia Music Store, install applications and games from Ovi Store or through File transfer, sync contact informations, email accounts etc with your computer..Capture, Edit, Share.

Nokia Nseries. See new. Hear new. Feel new.