Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OH well...

Urghh....This sucks, well my fever gone worse, body temp. rise...last night had a couple of medicines but didn't seem to work out..I AM SICK T.T

Well I'm still here typing for my daily entry HAHA :D. Now I've or INFECTED by Photoshop. Editing pictures is boring and tiring BUT when it produces the image that you desire or you've achieved what you wanted, the feeling of satisfaction is UNBEATABLE. I gotta love Saturation and Photo Filter =D

Birthday is coming, oh well it's going to be a lonely birthday, sure no ppl will pei me de...almost everytime is I pei ppl...not ppl pei me haha, maybe I'm just being too nice to peoples HAHA =) and I like it, seeing friends resurrect from a black mood until charming green mood, as a friend of theirs I felt good. So perhaps...Cinema like last time my friend said?(I dont think it will happen anymore tho)Fartini Restaurant? or...just Home Alone? Or another surprise like a Computer?(which is not gonna happen this time I think)

PS: My sister is now watching L4D2 videos, I asked her why dont you go play L4D? This PC has it then she said its not L4D2. Then I told her "You dont even wanna play L4D and you wanna play L4D2? are you crazy?" "*silence*"

If our brain can be reformatted like what HDD does and theres softwares like dictionary for our brain, isn't that perfect? I can't forget what you said, what you wrote, what you've done...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I lost my touch..

I lost my touch, it feels like..I lost everything...I dont know why I feel in that way...

Evening I suddenly started LFS and tried to drift in Fern Bay..back then I can drift in Fern Bay easily with minimal problems but today I cant even go through the first corner the way I used to be..the car's settings are not wrong...tyre pressure are alright..theres nothing wrong..theres SOMETHING wrong with MYSELF.

Well that in-fact isn't the biggest problem...I tried drifting on GT5P too..2 months ago when I'm drifting online im like Top 50 Drifters in GT5P but now its not..It's like turning from a silky smooth job to a total beginner (or noob that is). I can't even drift the IS-F right....goddamn it!

The way I talk to peoples in my opinion got weird these few days, perhaps my past is haunting me right now..But I dont think thats the main cause. Whenever people reply short messages, my mood turns down..When the word O comes in...My mood will be like from green to red....But somehow I think that I also reply short messages...and thats BAD...I dont like that..I'm not used to be like this...


Sunday, November 22, 2009 goes on

I'm typing this post in the midnight, I can't sleep, there are something bugging me the whole night! I can't even run right now, I'm now weak and tired, but I can't sleep.

Just back to Kuching, well as usual, home is the best for me (atleast for now) and let's summarize what I've bought in Kuching.1st day: DiGi reload card, 2nd day: Ferrero Rochers, Kinder and Denmark imported Coca-Cola. 3rd day: Ferrero Rochers, Ferrero Bxxx (same as Rochers but with dark chocolate and a higher price tag), Kinder. So basically what I've bought is just....chocolates to Miri. Well in-fact F.R. hasn't opened yet but the other one is finished thanks to mom and sister xD. Right after came back to home I started editing pics and found out that my gaming computer is having serious issues, a reformat is needed somehow =/. Nevermind though =). And basically, just photoshop..photoshop the whole way, just edited some pics only though and after that I lied down on a sofa and rest myself, at that time my mood ain't good, I dont know why but I just dont wanna talk to anyone, not even getting near at my PC at all, atleast I just reply messages and thats it...and time goes on until night, just watched My Sassy Girl (the American version) and it's a very nice movie, very touching...

My Flickr Photostream:

Now it's 11:26 and I can't sleep, my brother is already asleep but I can' I'm going to leave this laptop and go on bed and try to sleep...I dont know why, theres something bugging me...and I can't forget it.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Today is my 2nd day in Kuching, nevertheless this town is....somehow...same as Miri. some landmarks indeed makes me thought I'm in Miri. LOL. Theres something I wanna comment about Kuching in traffic, that is:

1. There are lots of Toyota Camry.
2. There are lots of BMW 3-Series.
3. Peoples in here loves BMW.

Well assume that the hotel has weak wi-fi signal my brother hooked up his phone to this laptop and used it as a 3G modem. It worked very well, but I used the whole night and I only used....30MB out of 500MB limit! LOL. I'm planning on hacking my sis's phone in here but I cant since I'm having issues with 64bit. Day after day it's all....messaging..haha. Going to Spring Valley later, I heard that it has lots of awesome PC Stuffs =). Talking about PC Stuffs, in-fact I finally saw Sapphire 5870, and hot damn its a loong card haha :D, saw 5770 also. Also saw a Q9550 (IT COST RM 1050 !%*&^*&^@), and finally, in my eyes, saw the Intel board that needs 2 QX9775 processors :D. Spotted Kingston HyperXs too. Didn't see ANY Alienware atm :/ LOL. LG Crystal, It's niiiceee but my grandpa dont like it, he said transparent keypad seems a lil bit weird, true~ haha. N97 Mini Raoul Edition, X6...

It's boring staying in Hotel, REALLY. Your dun have credit lagi...haha...(You know who you are)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I watched that movie yesterday night, one word describes it all: EPIC. haha =). You will not feel that you wasted RM 10 for this movie, its all bows and wows when the movie is going on, people cheering, woo-ing in cinema, its just...epic. Probably the best movie of the year =). Gotta love the Bentley part haha:
Jackson: "IT WONT START!!"
Yuri: "Engine....Start"
*LCD shows the Bentley logo, engine started*
Cinema: "hahahahhahaha, *claps*

I nearly cried 2 times when watching the movie...SHHHH...Its just fantastic...and sad too =( but it has a happy ending so dont worry =D.

2012 apocalypse? Dont believe? Believe? Your choice =)

I will hate apocalypse in 2012 if it really happens...this is why:

1. I havent finish my studies
2. Cannot spend more time with family and girlfriend (LOL)
3. I havent driven an Evo YET!

Other ideas are in my mind, not going to write it haha =P

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's time for the week again...

Exams are OVER! yep finally I can just walk in my house and open games (its been months since I played a game except helping peoples to hack) and guess what...I'm lost...skills are lost, forgot controls....everything seems new to me now lol D: Modern Warfare 2 is out, I'm thinking of not downloading it anymore because it's...11GB. Well est. a 512KBps connection max sped is 65-70kbps. 100Mb needs half an when you sum up all...It atleast needs 4 days or something to complele. Going to buy this time...Operation Flashpoint 2 in another hand, is much better than ARMA II. Arma 2 runs laggy on my PC, and it doesnt look very good either, audio are crapped too. OFP2 done the audio correctly, default graphic settings runs fine for me without a single lag. BTW Thanks to Dom for lending me those games atm, I relaly need them, thanks =)

Now.....theres only SPM left, just gotta give them the best emotional support =). yesterday midnight just termenung xia already got ppl sien me edi. NEVER TERMENUNG AGAIN haha. Good luck studying peoples =).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

DiGi number arrived+random stuffs

My Digi number arrived! the number is 0109772291..hey I can remember it already! TBH I'm kinda....fear tomorrow's test...I dont know why...just dont feel...that good...I'll try my best though =D.

Now here's some...random stuffs again

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Normal Diary

Today was a fine day....well its fine until the 3rd BM exam came...which is the SPM BM....its a nightmare for me...Gosh gotta improve BM alot soon. My classmates aroudn are also having alot of problems with the SPM BM....all of them seems like "???" xD. Alright back to diary...still I'm waiting for my DiGi number to come....its going to be fast...but not THAT FAST. I know...I'm sick of RM 0.25 per SMS already...I made 2 numbers credit empty..LOL! I'm not CHANGING, its actually....ADDING...:D time nid bring 3 phones out? walau...

Recently I'm just downloading just downloaded Video Option 163 (D1GP 2007 Rd.5 Ebisu) and Drift Like Nomuken! lol. Now I'm downloading UP...yep the movie that came out this year by Disney Pixar...didnt get the chance to watch it in cinemas because i'm busy in that time so I'm not going to miss this one! next will be...The Day After Tomorrow and I'm definitely going to watch 2012 Apocalypse when it hits cinema BUT..the ticket cost RM 30 now...It's okay if I watch alone but....when I'm going to watch with other peoples it will cost...alright 2 peoples 60...3 peoples 90....4 peoples 120! WEWOWO :O

Dinner time so cya =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Issues with chocolates...'s another kinda random post that came to my mind after I bath =D. Last week I had sore throat, im lucky that my voice is still there because matters doesnt go as worse as I expected to be :D. So what makes me have sore throat? CHOCOLATES...Alright basically what I had is half bar of chocolate and THATS IT! and after few minutes my throat is starting to feel funny....and I drank alot of water because it feels...dry...yeah dry. And the next day...poom...sore throat. and what makes me felt funny is the problem is not chocolate...its the brand and make of the chocolate! I dont exactly remember what brand it is but after my sore throat is gone I bought 3...wait....4....4 Caltony Dairy Milk Chocolate (tube shaped). I ate ALL THOSE....and nothing happened to my throat...strange eh? Or it's that my throat is acting funny because its too happy to eat chocolate and loses control of itself? I DONT KNOW..

Alright back life that is...Today I had 3 tests...the number is nothing but the main point is what subjects am I having today? Sejarah.....English Composition....Moral. Woo..Sejarah (History)? GG...English Composition? EASY....Moral? GG...

I spent nearly 3 full day to memmorise the moral values but my mind just can't recall what I've read for the past 3 days...DAMN....The Sejarah in my case own problem of not doing enough revisions....because I'm sure that I saw the topics that it asks...and thats the part that I ignored...DAMN...

Despite on how I memorise the moral values yesterday night was kinda relaxing but still can feel the stress going on my mind though. Yesterday afternoon as soon as I got my CD-R I burned my downloaded Michael Jackson's This Is It Original Soundtrack to it..I even printed the original cover for collection. And I put it inside my PS3 and started to listen to the musics. I don't know why but the Orchestral Version of the song "This Is It" which is a very...relaxing music...feels better than any other songs inside =) The Legend Lives =D


Front Cover

Back Cover

It's just soo random :D